Sandstone Paving Guide

Welcome to Stone Zone's official Sandstone Paving Buying Guide 2021! 2021 has seen a surge in paving sales, for both Porcelain and Sandstone Paving. Therefore, in this article, we go through the many different ranges of Sandstone Paving we offer as well as answering lots of FAQs!

Sandstone Paving

Where do they come from?

Also known as Indian Sandstone Paving, our Sandstone is sustainably sourced from India. We have used the same suppliers for years and regularly visit the above quarry to check in with the team and the manufacturing process.

There isn't much to the manufacturing process - our Sandstone is derived from the beautiful natural stone that comes from India and cut down to size.

In the above photo, you can see our Charlie Says (Bournemouth Depot Manager) attempting to cut down Indian Sandstone to shape! 

Sandstone is popular due to its varied shades of unique, natural colours. Other popular features include being naturally slip-resistant and highly durable.

The natural process of this stone also makes it a more environmentally-friendly option as opposed to Porcelain Paving, which goes through a longer and more involved manufacturing process. 

Our sandstone paving is more commonly laid as patio packs, which consists of slab sizes: 900 x 600, 600 x 600, 600 x 290, 290 x 290mm.

If you're looking for a single size patio, 900 x 600 and 600 x 600 slabs can be purchased. 

3 Best-Sellers

Umbra Grey

Umbra Sandstone, also known as Kandla Grey, remains our best-seller for the last two years. Customers like the natural, grey shades Umbra offers. Umbra creates a patio which looks modern and sophisticated as well as keeping its traditional, rustic appearance.

£27.50 per sqm (ex vat) Click here to view.


Fossil is another top seller and one that we personally love! Fossil has plenty of unique character and even contains real fossils in some of the stone! It consists of golds and mid-browns and really makes a statement outdoors. 

£26.50 per sqm (ex vat) Click here to view.

Buff Blend

Buff Blend is a similar colour blend to Fossil, with more regimented golds and browns for a more consistent look. Buff Blend is a lovely option for a bright and inviting patio that works well at the front or back of the house. 

£26.50 per sqm (ex vat) Click here to view.

Limestone Paving 

What's the difference?

Although Limestone Paving falls under the same category as Sandstone Paving, it does have slightly different qualities. 

The texture varies between the two different stones; Sandstone tends to have more ridges in its finish, with Limestone being slightly smoother. Limestone has the feel of an orange-peel and is generally flatter. Because of this, you can use Limestone for indoor flooring too. 

Limestone is also slightly more porous than Sandstone, meaning it lets in slightly more water and will need to be sealed to ensure longevity.

Limestone also comes in square edge, calibrated options, which ensures strength and quality for a long-lasting patio. The square edge options are great for commercial properties.

3 Best-Sellers

Citron Yellow

Citron is the most popular Limestone option and consists of yellows and golds that make an attractive outdoor space.

£27.50 per sqm (ex vat) Click here to view.    

Carbon Black

You can rely on Carbon offering a sleek and sophisticated look for any outdoor space. Carbon colours are predominantly dark grey and black, turning pure black when wet. 

£26.50 per sqm (ex vat) Click here to view.

Aqua Blue

This is another popular choice due to its blue/grey shades. There isn't much variability in this colour choice which some customers like as it gives a consistent patio.

£26.50 per sqm (ex vat) Click here to view. 

Fernlea Weathered Sandstone

Weathered Paving

What looks nicer?

Selected Sandstone and Limestone Paving colours are available in weathered options. These flagstones have an aged appearance consisting of softer edges and surfaces.

Weathered paving is ideal for period properties wanting the look of flagstones that have been laid for many years, such as wedding venues and courtyards. Customers usually opt for weathered paving for a rustic looking patio as opposed to a modern patio.

This range is calibrated at 22mm to ensure consistency and strength. 

From £27.75 per sqm. Citron and Fernlea are popular colour choices for weathered paving.

Tallow Sawn Sandstone

Sawn Sandstone Paving

Is it worth the extra cost?

Our Sawn Paving ranges make up our Premium Paving range. The most noticeable difference is the smooth and shiny look to the paving. 

Sawn means that the paving slabs have been machine cut to create perfectly smooth and regimented lines when laid. This stone is then calibrated to ensure consistent thickness and then polished for an extra smooth finish.

Due to the longer and more meticulous manifacturing process, our sawn range is typically more expensive than our other sandstone. However, the quality and finish reflect these prices and closely mimic porcelain paving. 

From £32.50 per sqm (ex vat). 

Circle Kits

What do they add to the garden?

Sandstone Circle Kits add a really nice feature to your garden and can be laid practically anywhere. Circle kits can be laid within a turfed area, a decorative stone area or within the matching sandstone pavers.

These make really nice focal points to your garden and are popular for outdoor dining. 

Our circle kits come in two different diameter sizes; 2.4m and 3m. The 2.4 metre kit consists of two rings and the 3 metre consists of three.

Each circle kit comes with a 'squaring off' kit which is matching slabs cut to fit around the circle, meaning you can perfectly incorporate it into your matching patio. 

Nearly all of our Sandstone and Limestone ranges have matching circle kits. These can be seen at any of our landscaping centres.

From £325 per 2.4m circle kit.


Does Sandstone need sealing?

Sandstone doesn't need sealing, however, it is down to personal choice. One coat of sealant can be applied to Sandstone paving before pointing to protect it against harsh weather such as heavy rain and frost. Sealing it will also prolong its colour, as your sandstone colour will change over time. 

What's the best way of keeping my patio clean?

It is recommended that you sweep any debris off your paving as and when to avoid marks or stains. We also advise jet washing your patio once a year to ensure it is kept clean. We stock Azpects full range of patio maintenance products, including Azpects Patio & Deck Cleaner. 

What is the best way of laying Sandstone paving?

There are many different ways you can lay sandstone paving. We always recommend you seek proffessional advice and hire an experienced landscaper to lay paving. You can use cement or sharp sand as a sub-base, we also now stock FUGA-PAVE which is a 3-in-1 base for paving. 

If I have more than one crate of Sandstone paving, should I lay the slabs from one crate at a time?

Due to the natural colour variance of Sandstone, it's best to lay the paving randomly from different crates. This will create a fully varied look across the whole patio. 

How do I place an order for paving?

Sandstone paving can be purchased in-store or online. You are only able to purchase paving in quantities of five square metres online, but can purchase as little as one slab over the phone or online. We offer collection or home delivery, Sandstone comes in wooden crates and can be hiabed into your garden upon delivery.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our Sandstone Paving Guide! Please call us on 01202 874207 if you have any further questions!