NEW! Le Cave Porcelain Paving

We are excited to introduce to you our new Le Cave porcelain range; all of the beauty of natural stone in a modern porcelain paving stone. Designed and made in Italy, this range is set to be a best-seller for people wanting a fresh, new patio and business owners wanting a safe and durable, yet stylish outdoor flooring.

This range comes in one size which is 1200mm x 400mm and has a depth of 20mm.

So, what’s so great about it?


All of our outdoor paving has a minimum skid-value of R11, and this range is no exception. ‘R’ stands for resistance, and R11 is the highest that outdoor paving usually achieves. This gives commercial owners the confidence that customers won’t slip, even in wet weather. R11 is suitable for pool surroundings too. This also gives parents the confidence that their children will be safe in wet weather.

Frost Proof

The surface won’t have an alterations during and after a frost. If there is water on the paving and this is frozen, the paving beneath this won’t be affected. This can assure you that even after the harshest Winters and frosts, your paving should be perfectly fine without any cracks or signs of damage.

Highly Durable

The Le Cave range falls into category 5 on the PEI scale which is measured from 0-5. This indicates the suitability a product has for it’s purpose, anything in group 0 is usually only suitable as a wall tile and offers very little durabilty or resistance. Group 5, however, means the tile is suitable for heavy traffic, such as shopping centres, commercial entrances, hotel lobbies, and industrial workplaces. This makes the paving 100% commercially suitable.

Stain Resistant

This paving is resistant to highly concentrated acids and alkalis, meaning that most things that could be spilt can easily be removed. This includes chemicals, drinks such as wine and cleaning products.

It looks Stunning!

Available in 5, beautiful colours that all come with their own unique, expression, take a look at the options you can choose from:


This stone has dark charcoal colours to create a sleek patio.


An understated silver/grey stone for a modern or professional feel 


A warm beige with stunning streaks of lighter and dark colours

Multi Colour

Porcelain that consists of unique silver and copper markings


Consisting of bronze/copper shades, this creates a rustic patio

Click here to view the range online.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Corona Virus, our stores are currently closed. You may be able to order some products online, but this is subject to our delivery drivers’ availability. If you have any questions, please email where we’ll look to get back to you as soon as we can.