Make the Most of the Rain in Your Garden

Let’s face it, not many of us really fancy popping into the garden while the heavens have opened up around us. After the recent week we’ve had of on and off rain, it’s easy to neglect our gardens and just wait until the sun comes out.

However, you could be missing some critical tricks while the rain is pouring and after it has just finished. Instead of shutting yourself inside and tucking under a blanket, why not wrap up and pay a visit to your garden, making the most of the current down pour?

Below, we have compiled some easy tips and tricks to prevent all your hard work going to waste, as well as putting this rain to good use, before, during and after a down pour.

Before the rain comes down…

Nourish your lawn

Just before a shower of light rain is the perfect time to scatter some grass seeds across your lawn. Warm roots and gentle sunshine encourages root growth, and the down pour of rain will nourish the roots of any newly laid turf or seeded lawns. Try and avoid this with heavy rain though, as it will dislodge the seeds.

Protect new plants

Newly planted flowers may be at the most delicate and fragile stage of their lives, and with heavy rain this could be disastrous for their growth. Use a water proof material like tarpaulin to cover your plants, making sure your are sloping it to drain in the desired direction.

Fertilize your plants

This would be an ideal time to sprinkle fertiliser around the base of your plants. The rain will easily penetrate the soil and reach the roots faster, so your plants will enjoy strong absorption of your chosen plant food.

During a rainy down pour…

Collect Mother Nature’s goodness

A great way of conserving water (and saving your water bill!) is to invest in a water butt/ rain saver. Low in cost but high in savings, you could catch litres of this precious rain water to then re-use when watering your plants in the future.

Take indoor plants outside

Make the most of this fresh rain water by taking your indoor plants outside for a little while. They’ll certainly be thankful for a nice fresh drink!

After the rain has stopped…

Watch out for pesky slugs and snails

It’s no secret that a wet garden makes for a slugs’ and snails’ paradise. After around 20 minutes of the rain stopping, you might start to see these creatures appearing in your garden. How you remove snails is your choice, due to the rapid decline of hedgehogs, I like the idea of collecting these snails and slugs into a plastic box and keeping them in my hedgehog house, with a few leaves of lettuce for them to munch on.

Harvest your lettuce

Your lettuce leaves will have a sweeter taste after a rainfall and will be softer, making it a great time to bring them inside and make a healthy salad!

Dig Out those Wellies

If you have children that have been stuck at home feeling bored, there's nothing quite like being told you can dress up in your rain coat and wellies and jump around till your heart's content. This isn't just for kids though - it's also great fun for grown ups too!

Mix your compost

Doing this will ensure the fresh rain water has been dispersed evenly through your compost, meaning it will all receive the goodness it needs to thrive.

Pull those weeds out

Wet soil makes it a lot easier to pull out weeds by hand, it usually means you pull the roots out as well. Dandelions and plantain are particularly common weeds that are a lot easier to remove in wet soil.

Take advantage of your mint

This herb loves moist conditions and will make a delicious mint tea after a wet day – a healthy treat to look forward to when you go inside to warm up!

Written By: Beckie Hicks

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Snail – todor todorov

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