Valore Porcelain Paving Collection

Valore Porcelain Paving Collection

We are delighted to finally share with you our exciting new Porcelain Paving range, ‘Valore.’

Boasting 4 exquisite, classic shades, the ‘Valore’ range is luxury at an affordable rate.

The 4 colours within this range are Beige, Light Grey, Dark Grey, and Anthracite. We have chosen these colours for very specific reasons. Grey Paving slabs and Beige Porcelain pavers have long been the popular choice to create modern, visually pleasing garden patios and indoor flooring; with that in mind, we wanted to offer paving options that create a luxe atmosphere without breaking the bank.

Valore Porcelain Paving Range Colours

Valore Anthracite Porcelain Paving

Available Sizes: 600x900mm; 800x800mm; 600x1200

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Valore Beige Porcelain Paving

Available Sizes: 600x900mm; 800x800mm; 600x1200

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Valore Dark Grey Porcelain Paving

Available Sizes: 600x900mm; 800x800mm; 600x1200

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Valore Light Grey Porcelain Paving

Available Sizes: 600x900mm; 800x800mm; 600x1200

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Valore Porcelain Paving For Your Garden

As with all our Porcelain Paving slabs, the ‘Valore’ pavers have been graded with an R-11 non-slip rating, this means that these paving slabs are extremely non-slip and approved for use in commercial areas alongside domestic ones. This high non-slip rating also means that you can install them around your swimming pool or jacuzzi without any risk of slipping and injuries; ideal for family homes.

The ‘Valore’ Porcelain slabs have many desirable qualities that make them perfect for a wide range of applications. These manufactured pavers have been created to be highly resistant to damage; this means that your patio is hardwearing and will last for many years, resulting in you not needing to worry about replacing your slabs for many years in the future.

Secondly, the ‘Valore’ Porcelain have very low porosity due to the way they were manufactured. This indicates that any liquid, rain or otherwise, will not be absorbed and will therefore be very easy to clean up. This quality ensures that the paving slabs are significantly resistant to staining because they will remain on the surface of the Porcelain rather than getting absorbed. This quality opens up a range of garden design ideas, for example, if you want to have an outdoor dining/BBQ area in your garden, these paving slabs will be ideal as any spills and dirt can be washed off easily.

Furthermore, the ‘Valore’ slabs are very easy to maintain. Similar to most Porcelain Paving slabs, this new range only needs a good sweep to keep dirt and debris away alongside a bi-yearly jetwash to keep it looking fresh and new. This is a desirable quality for many homeowners as not many of us have the time to constantly upkeep our gardens. If you want to go the extra mile, we do supply top-of-the-range sealants and jointing by Azpects and Joint-It to ensure that your slabs are as protected as possible.

Valore Porcelain Paving Garden Design Ideas

There is a wide range of garden designs you can create with these paving slabs, and all these options can sometimes be a little overwhelming. To eliminate the stress and to give you some inspiration, we have created 4 garden designs that feature the Valore range heavily just to give you a few ideas and to further prove how adaptable and versatile these slabs can be.

  1. Valore Anthracite – If you want an aesthetically pleasing, monochromatic back garden then the Anthracite is your best option. Irrespective of whether you have a big or small garden a dark grey patio will instantly elevate your outdoor space. We think Black Basalt, Black Slate, Black Ice Chippings or Zebra Black & White Pebbles will pair fantastically with the dark grey paving slabs. These decorative stones will work well as borders, or dividers between hard and soft landscaping.
    Furthermore, we know jointing is an essential part of installing paving, but you can ensure that the jointing also adds to the overall look of the patio. If you want a seamless look, the Azpects EasyJoint Select in Jet Black will work perfectly; on the other hand, if you are a fan of contrast, you can consider the Azpects EasyJoint Select in Platinum to create a monochromatic look.

  2. Valore Beige – These beige porcelain slabs are ideal if you want to create a bright, airy, Mediterranean look in your garden. These slabs will bring a touch of warmth to your garden that will seem extra special during the summer months. We think features link raised sleeper beds and the natural colour of the wood will compliment the paving well. When considering Decorative stones, we think Cerney Cotswold Chippings, Scottish Pebbles, Apricot Pebbles or Onyx Chippings will match with the Valore Beige really well. If you are thinking about attractive boards or a pathway in your garden, then one of these stones will complete the look and add an extra special touch.

  3. Valore Dark Grey – For many years we have seen the popularity of mid-grey paving slabs growing. This shade is able to add a sense of modernity and chic to your outdoor space with very little effort. This is why we think it’s a great option for an Outdoor, Al-fresco dining area. Decked out with a BBQ, dining furniture and a marquis, you will be able to create an attractive dining area that can be used all year long, no matter the season. An Al-Fresco dining area is a great way to ensure you spend more time outdoors rather than being cooped up inside. Moreover, products such as CORE Screens and Rockery features surrounding the area will add a special touch and elevate the area instantly.

  4. Valore Light Grey – A very special and popular garden design idea is to use single paving slabs as stepping stones, creating a whimsical walkway. You can implement this design in your front garden, creating a walkway leading to your door; or in your back garden where you can have a sprawling walkway across the entire landscape. There are a range of ways you can design this, you can either place them straight on the grass or for full impact you can surround the area with decorative stones to surround the slabs. Cotswold Chippings, Silver Grey Chippings, Ocean Blue Pebbles, Polar White or Polar Ice Chippings are great choices if you want a contrasting, opposite look. On the other end of the spectrum, you can always choose any of the black stones, that we have mentioned above, to create a darker, more textured look.