5 Innovative Ways To Design Your Al-Fresco Dining Area

With summer in full swing and schools breaking up soon, we think it’s the perfect time to spruce up or even design a new Al-Fresco dining area. To help you get started we have created a helpful guide to make your garden the perfect spot for some Al-Fresco dining, perfect, not just for the summer but all your round.

1. Paving

Before we can start setting up all our dining furniture, the first step is to create your dedicated dining area. Creating your own garden patio can change the entire vibe of your garden. We think, by installing paving in a specific area will add a nice touch to your garden rather than just placing your furniture in a random corner of your garden. Depending on what kind of look you’re going for, we stock a wide range of Porcelain and Sandstone Paving that are available in various colours so you can choose one that will fit your aesthetics the best.

2. Water Features

Water Features are an excellent way to decorate the area around your Al-Fresco dining area, to just make it that much more special. Water Features not only works as a beautiful feature piece in your garden but it will also add some elegance and tranquillity to our dining area. One design idea could be to have a water feature at one end of your dining area that works as a decoration piece. Not only is it visually appealing but, the sound of the water will also add a calming, almost spa-like atmosphere to your dining area.

3. BBQs

BBQs are the epitome of outdoor dining. Can you even have an Al-Fresco dining without a BBQ? At Stone Zone, we stock a large range of BBQs that will cater for those who have big gardens but also to those who may not have as much space. There’s a BBQ for everyone! Whether you are new to barbecuing or a seasoned professional, you will find your perfect BBQ at the Stone Zone. A perfect addition to any outdoor dining area, you will be able to host many Al-Fresco meals with a BBQ in your garden.

4. Lighting

If you’re thinking of creating an atmospheric Al-Fresco dining area, there’s no better way to do so than by implementing some light features around your garden and dining area. We are proud suppliers of many lighting features that will make your outdoor dining area look magical and romantic. We have the beautiful CORE Screens that have LED lighting attached to them to create a beautiful hue, perfect for a backdrop to your Al-Fresco dining area, as they are perfect for fitting onto a fence. The other option is a Firepit, which is a great way to add lighting around the area, especially during night-time, so you can have firepits, surrounding the corners of the dining area and feel like you are in a different setting.

5. Planting

Finally, you need some top-quality soil to surround your dining area with flowers and create beautiful dining table centrepieces. In order to get the best quality flowers that will last for a long time, you need our Wessex Soil, especially the Beds and Borders Topsoil which will give your flowers their best chance. One way you can design these is to maybe have a border of flower beds around your Al-Fresco dining area, so you’re surrounded by the beautiful visuals and smells of fresh flowers.
Another way to utilise our top-quality soil is to grow your own herbs. Perfect for when you’re dining outdoors and want fresh herbs on hand to impress all your friends and family.