Top Landscaping Projects Summer 2020

We can all agree that this Summer hasn't been the best one to remember. We've each encountered our different difficulties throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this, we want to share some positivity amongst everyone and celebrate the few ups we've had throughout the Summer of 2020. Lock down has meant that for many, they've really upped their garden game, and our Landscapers have really stepped up to the plate. Read this article to see our top picks of the Summer and get inspired for your dream garden! In no particular order, scroll down to see the variety of projects that have been carried out.

Cabin Builders & Lost Landscapes 

What we love most about this garden is the variety that has been packed into it. Cabin Builders and Lost Landscapes had the challenge of creating a child-friendly outdoor space while still having an area for mum and dad to enjoy. They have definitely ticked the boxes here!

Products used

The products that have been used are our Aqua Limestone Paving slabs for a dining area as well as to join each area together. This had then been complete with Charcoal edging for a smart finish. Our Oak Sleepers have created the surrounds for the play area and plant borders and our Certified Play Chip has been used within the play area for soft landings. This has then been finished off with Artificial Grass.  

View all images here and take a look at the before and after photos. Both teams have completely transformed a concrete mess into a green paradise. Both Cabin Builders and Lost Landscapes work in the Dorset area and welcome enquiries which can be made on their Facebook pages.  

Bamboo Landscapes  

A fairly understated garden which has been brought to life with surroundings such as their dining area, hot tub and chimnea. But what we love the most is what's sat underneath these items; a stunning, modern patio. 

Products used

Bamboo Landscapes have used our very popular, Ciro Porcelain Paving here. Complete with shades of white and light grey, this makes a perfectly neutral tone for a dining area and to join the garden together. 

View the rest of the inspirational images here, as well as before and after photos, with a hot tub to make you extra jealous! Bamboo Landscapes can be contacted through their Facebook Page

Adams Landscapes

This project is a popular one with us as it beautifully demonstrates a product that naturally comes with a lot of character - which fits in well with a garden with plenty of character! Adams Landscapes have actually kept certain faetures, like the Charcoal Edging, and finished off the edges with some stunning sandstone paving, and filling in the middle with Artficial Grass.

Products used

The patio has been created with our Fossil Sandstone Paving, where you can see a slab which actually contains a fossil! This blend of sandy colours brightens up this garden and looks great against the Artificial Grass

View the amazing transformation photos here and used their Facebook page for enquiries.

Wimborne Landscapes

This fabulous project was complete recently and really has the wow-factor. What we love about this is the hige variety that features across the landscape. Wimborne Landscapes have been forunate enough to have a nice, alrge space to work with, and have really made the most of that. Featuring two seperate patios, rockery and pebbles features, an artificial lawn and an eye catching design throughout, we think the team have done a great job. 

Products used

For the wood effect dining area patio, our Hard Griege Porcelain Paving has been used. This is a very popular range of paving due to the realistic effect of wooden planks and non-slip properties. We can then see our best-selling Scottish Pebbles which have been used as borders inbetween the porcelain paving, where the depth of colour can really be seen while these pebbles are wet.    

Our Bufff Blend Sandstone Paving can then be seen slightly further down the garden where the colours look amazing against the Artificial Grass. This has been bordered with our Pine Sleepers which contain the Scottish Pebbles. 

View the amazing transformation photos here and used their Facebook page for enquiries.

Steve Collins

What's not to love about this garden? Especially when they've just had a modern, marble-effect patio installed! Steve Collins have done a fab job using a new Porcelain Paving product which launched this Spring and was always set to be a best-seller!

Products used

The new and on-trend paving that has been used here is our new, Spectrum Quartzite Grey Porcelain. Beautifully blended greys and whites make up this paving and is perfectly demonstrated here. Complimenting this porcelain paving is our Carbon Black Limestone Walling.

Interested in seeing more? View their page here for more photos and for all enquiries. 

JT Landscaping

Simple yet effective, this project just goes to show what some fresh turf and a new patio can do for your outdoor space. The yellow and golden shades of this Limestone Paving never fail to disappoint either!

Products used

Here you can see our Citron Limestone Paving. This is our patio pack consisting of multiple sizes and also has a square edge cut for clean lines and a smooth finish. 

Click here to see the transformation that took place and to message them for any enquiries!

AB Landscaping

This is a stunning example of a very popular Sandstone Paving we sell. AB Landscaping have created a lovely patio and steps for a very lucky customer!

Products used

These talented landscapers have used our Buff Blend Sandstone Paving to create this warm and inviting patio. 

See more photos here and how the depths of colour can really be shown when wet. Enquiries are welcome through their Facebook page.

CW Stanley

There are many reasons why we love this project, one being the long process of creating this multi-level patio on a sloped garden, and then the stunning, professional results they've achieved! This patio is definitely one which will be enjoyed years to come. 

Products used

You may recognise this paving, as it features in another project we love - Fossil Sandstone Paving. You can't beat the unique, natural colourings this paving has to offer! 

Click here to see the entire transformation progess and feel free to drop them a message.  


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