BRAND NEW BBQs Have Now Been Added to Our Outdoor Living Range!


Summer is finally within reach and we have the perfect thing to make it that extra bit special. We are ecstatic to announce that Stone Zone are now selling Charbroil Barbecues! Available to purchase from our website, you can also visit out depots if you want to see them face to face.

We have an excellent range of BBQs that will cater to both expert barbecuers to those who are still new. You need not worry about missing about because no matter how big or small your garden is you will definitely find one that is perfect for you.

Our range of Charbroil Grills are easily some of the best in the market. If you want a coal BBQ, we can provide that, if you want an gas one, we have that too. Or if you want the best of both worlds, we also now have dual powered BBQs that enable to have a truly unique BBQ experience.

Barbecues for your Garden

Charbroil Performance Charcoal 2600 BBQ

Starting off strong the Charbroil Performance Charcoal 2600 BBQ is a perfect starting barbecue that will not take up to much space but is more than enough for feeding large groups of people. It is also ideal for the beginners as it does not have too many bells and whistle, a simple, traditional babrbecue that will give you the best results.

  • Heating System: Coal
  • Cooking System:Convection
  • Wheels: YES

Buy the Charbroil Performance Charcoal 2600 BBQ here:

Charbroil Kettleman BBQ

The Kettleman BBQ is the perfect compact BBQ if you want an excellent surface area without the equipment taking up all the space in your garden, then we highly recomment the Kettleman. It is perfect if you have a smaller garden or even a balcony but still want to have the perfect BBQ experience, the Kettleman - although small - packs a mighty punch.

  • Heating System: Coal
  • Cooking System:TRU-Infrared™
  • Wheels: YES

Buy the Charbroil Kettleman BBQ here:

Charbroil Convenctive 210B BBQ Black

This two burner grill gives you plenty of real estate to cook up a real feast without cluttering up your garden. The Convective 210b comes equipped with an electronic lighter and side panels that will give you plenty of space to keep your breads and condiments without bulking up the dining table. You are even provided with an additional warming rack, perfect your toasting your buns.

  • Heating System: Gas
  • Cooking System:Convection
  • Lid-Mounted Temperature Gauge

Buy the Charbroil Convective 210B BBQ Black here:

The Big Easy BBQ

A unique piece of equipment, The Big Easy is a roaster and BBQ combined! You can roast upto 11kgs of poultry with no oil - making it a much healthier way to feed your family and guests. You are provided with rib hooks if you fancy some babrbecued ribs this summer. The Big Easy is an all-encompassing cooking eqipment that will keep you and your guests happy all summer long.

  • Heating System: Gas
  • Cooking System:Infrared
  • Rotary Ignition

Buy The Big Easy BBQ here:

Charbroil Convective 310B BBQ Black

The bigger sibling to the 210B, the 310B is an excellent all-round BBQ that is ideal for both small family barbecues and big parties. You have more than enough space, not only for cooking but also for keeping igredients, codiments and buns! The 310B is a great option for those who don't want a BBQ that is too complicated yet does the job to perfection.

  • Heating System: Gas
  • Cooking System:Convection
  • Lid-Mounted Temperature Gauge

Buy the Charbroil Convective 310B BBQ Black here:

Charbroil Gas2Coal 2.0 221 BBQ

If you want the convenience of a gas BBQ but what that delicious flavour of charcoal grilled meat then a hybrid Gas2Coal BBQ is the one for you. A unique 2 in 1 BBQ means you don't have to choose between a coal and a gas barbecue and can have the best of both worlds! The Gas2Coal 221 is also a much smaller BBQ meaning you don't need oodles of space in order to enjoy a great barbecue!

  • Heating System: Gas + Coal
  • Cooking System:Hybrid
  • Lid-Mounted Temperature Gauge

Buy the Charbroil Gas2Coal 2.0 221 BBQ here:

Charbroil Convective 440s BBQ Silver

The Convective 440s is an excellent mid-range BBQ that will impress all your friends and family. Equipped with a warming rack, side burner AND a side shelf, meaning you have everything you need to host a cracking barbecue this summer! There is no shortage of cooking and storage space within this barbecue that will enable you to be a true master of the BBQ.

  • Heating System: Gas 
  • Cooking System:Convection
  • Piezo Electric Igniter

Buy the Charbroil Convective 440S BBQ Silver here:

Charbroil Gas2coal 2.0 440 BBQ

The larger version of the Gas2Coal 221, the 440 has more burners and more space in order to enable you to truly host an impressive BBQ party. With the 440 you are now able to grill with gas and charcoal at the same time due to the 2 charcoal trays it is equipped with. And with this particular BBQ you have more real estate to cook up  a whole feast.

  • Heating System: Gas 
  • Cooking System:Hybrid
  • Two Large Doors for extra storage

Buy the Charbroil Gas2Coal 2.0 440 BBQ here:

Charbroil Performance Pro 4B Gas BBQ

The grandest BBQ in our range is definitely the Charbroil Performance Pro 4B Gas BBQ! If you are a pro-barbecuer and want the best of the best with ALL the bells and whistles then this is the one you should go for. We would like you to note that the Pro 4B would be best in a bigger garden as it does take up quite a lot of space.

  • Heating System: Gas 
  • Cooking System:TRU-Infrared™ (incl. cast iron grates and stainless steel emitter plate)
  • Side Burner

Buy the Charbroil Performance Pro 4B Gas BBQ here:

How to Clean Your BBQ

If you want a barbecue that is easy to maintain keep clean, the Performance Pro is ideal.

1. The first thing to do before you start the actual cleaning is to DISCONNECT the gas. You MUST do this BEFORE you start the cleaning process to ensure you are safe.

2. You will need to fill up a bucket with warm water and dish soap. Please know that you do not need any specialised cleaning products, the dish soap you use in the kitchen is the only thing you need.

3.With safety gloves on, carefully disassemble the grates and metal plates one by one.

4. After the grates have been disassmbled, carefully scrape and clean off the excess fat and grease that have accumulated on them.

5. One all of the grease has been scraped off, clean each individual part with the soapy water you prepared earlier.

6. Don't forget to clean the outer body of the BBQ as well because it very well may have oil splatters on it.

7. Once all the parts have been washed, take some time and leave them to dry. Please make sure that before moving on to the next step each part of the BBQ needs to be completely dry.

8. So as to avoid the cooking surfaces from getting rust and to also ensure they are long-lasting, spray the cooking surfaces and grates with cooking oil.

9. Reassemble time! Once you carefully put your BBQ back together, you now have a clean and tidy BBQ that is ready for the next time you have friends and family visiting.

Purchase a BBQ now, just in time for the summer!