Stone Zone's Range of Wessex® Soil!

Wessex® Soil

The Wessex® brand was established in 2020, orginally consisting of our Turf, BS3882 Soil and Dutch Tree sand. It has since expanded due to popular demand to an array of bespoke blended soils.

Our Wessex® Soils are the best range of soils that we offer here at Stone Zone. All the soil from this range contains PAS 100 Compost and BS3882 certification. This range is created from locally sourced, high quality soils, and is part of our Eco-Friendly range.

The PAS 100 label indicates the Publicly Available Specification, which is a widely recognised compost quality standard within the organics recycling sector.

The name BS3882 signifies 2 different things. The BS is a high-performance certification issued by the British Standards Institute; the 3882 is a measurement of the Soil Structure and Classification, Free-from Contamination and Fertility. All of our Wessex® soil contains BS3882 Soil for multi-purpose use, ideal for all gardening and landscaping applications.

Wessex® BS3882 10mm Soil

Our Wessex 10mm is a mixture of top-quality local British Standard topsoil and PAS 100 green compost. Our Wessex 10mm soil has been tested in accordance with BS3882: 2015 – We can provide a copy of our test analysis upon request.

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Borders and Beds

The Wessex® Borders and Beds Topsoil is ideal for those who want to build a blooming garden filled with colourful flowers and plants. They are perfect for cultivating such a garden as they release their nutrients slowly and consistently, for a consistently strong soil structure.

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Eco Coffee Soil

If you are looking for a soil that will strengthen and stimulate plant growth, the Wessex® Eco Coffee Soil is the one for you. Or coffee soil, as the name suggests, consists of high-quality soil mixed with used coffee grounds, all locally sourced.

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Peat Free Multi-Purpose Compost

The Wessex® Peat Free Multi-Purpose Compost is very rich in nutrients and peat free, making it the best choice for cuttings, rooting and planters.

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Fruit and Veg Soil

Want to give the fruits and vegetables you’re growing their best chance? The Wessex® Fruit and Veg Topsoil is your best option. Blended with growing in mind, this high nutrient soil is great for growing your produce.

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Lawn and Turf Seeding Soil

If fast root establishment something you prioritise when growing produce or flowers, we suggest, the slightly loamy, Wessex® Lawn and Turf Seeding Soil. This nutrient rich soil will help, whatever you want to plant, grow swift and strong.

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Blended Loam Topsoil

The Wessex® Blended Loam Topsoil is the one you should go with if you have plantation that requires good drainage and needs the ability to retain nutrients. This particular soil will make sure that your planting will grow as best as possible with all its required sustenance provided.

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Wessex® Ericaceous Soil

Stone Zone is delighted to announce that we now have our own Wessex® Ericaceous Soil. Our brand-new Ericaceous Soil is perfect for plants that thrive in an acidic environment, enabling you to create a vibrant, long-lasting garden.

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What is PAS 100 Green Compost?

As our peat-free, green compost is made entirely from recycled green waste, mulched and then composted in windrow tuners, it then undergoes a testing process.

Publicly Available Specification is a widely recognised compost quality standard within the organics recycling sector.

To ensure a high standard of compost, PAS is set by the British Standards Institution that requires producers to establish a top-quality production policy.

This product status is given in recognition of non-hazardous waste that contains biodegradable materials only, making it safe to use in both domestic and commercial settings.

What does BS3882 mean?

The British Standard 3882 certification for topsoil has been specifically created to guarantee that our soil is consistent, and to a good standard; following a strict guideline that has been set by the British Standards Institute. This standard is the revised version of 1994 original certification.

BS3882 is measured on three factors: Soil Structure and Classification, Free-from Contamination and Fertility. BS3882 topsoil suppliers are also able to provide results of the soil analysis which includes the origin of the soil, the contamination parameters and written confirmation that the soil complies with the standard BS3882:2007.

All of the Stone Zone & Landscaping Centre's soil contains BS3882 Soil for multi-purpose use, ideal for all gardening and landscaping applications.  

The Journey of Our Environmentally Friendly Topsoil

At Wessex®, we take great pride in crafting our best-selling Soil in a manner that minimizes its impact on global warming. To achieve this sustainability, we source our topsoil from recycled soils within the local Dorset area. This soil comes to us from generous gardeners and landscapers who have surplus or unused soil from various projects.

To ensure the purity of our topsoil, we subject the recycled soil to a rigorous screening process right here in Dorset. This screening process is of utmost importance to us as it effectively removes large stones, sticks, and unwanted debris. Following the completion of the screening, the soil undergoes a series of comprehensive tests and quality checks. These assessments encompass factors such as particle size, pH levels, and temperature. Only when these tests yield successful results do our Wessex® Soils earn the renowned British Standard 3882 certification.

Both the BS3882 and PAS 100 Green tests are conveniently conducted at the same facility, allowing for simultaneous processing. The Green Compost is a blend of materials sourced from gardens, parks, and outdoor areas that have undergone tree removal. In Dorset County, this recycled material is transformed into compost using a windrow turner. Subsequently, the compost is meticulously mixed and turned for a period of 12 weeks. This meticulous process ensures even heat distribution, temperature regulation, moisture distribution, and improved oxygen content.

Once the PAS 100 Compost is ready, it is thoroughly blended with the topsoil using specialized machinery to achieve maximum homogeneity. All these testing and blending procedures take place at a single location, which also houses the Stone Zone warehouse. After completing these steps, the soil is ready for distribution, arriving in large quantities at our warehouse, and ready to be sold both in-store and online.

Our Wessex® Soil and all our compost products are crafted from recycled materials, sparing virgin trees and marshlands from destruction for soil production. This approach results in a brand of soil that is truly sustainable. Furthermore, by conducting screening and blending in a single location, we minimize carbon emissions that might have been generated by transporting materials between different sites.

As previously mentioned, our Soil has a minimal carbon footprint due to the consolidation of all processes within one area. By sourcing all our materials locally within Dorset, we maintain our commitment to reducing environmental impact.

Finally, within the Wessex® range, we also supply Dutch Tree SandFarmyard Manure and 10mm Top Dressing ensuring that you can find everything you need to cultivate your garden right here at Stone Zone. Browse our entire collection HERE.

If you are in need of good quality and enriching soil, we cannot reccomend the Wessex® enough. There is a wide range to choose from and you are sure to find a type that is just right for your specific needs.