Introducing...VillaFix Paving Solutions!

The Stone Zone & Landscaping Centre are excited to announce the new arrival of a brand new range - VillaFix! Completely exclusive to the Stone Zone, VillaFix are the answer to budget-friendly, must-have patio paving maintenance and installation. From laying new paving, to cleaning and refreshing your existing patio, or removing algae or rust stains - this range has it all.

What are VillaFix?

VillaFix are a new brand brought to us by Stone Paving Supplies; one of the UK’s leading paving suppliers. They have combined their paving experience and expertise to develop a range of high quality paving accessories for both commercial and domestic customers.

VillaFix Products

VillaFix Porcelain & Stone Grout, 15kg Tub

This grout is a flexible and fast setting grout range suitable for use with porcelain tiles and natural stones. Perfect for use on patios and wall cladding as well as on interior walls and floors. It is extremely easy to mix, apply and clean off and offers market-leading handling characteristics.

  • Highly Polymer-Modified
  • High water resistance
  • Anti-Mould Properties
  • Fast setting and flexible

This is available in five colours: Black, Cappuccino, Cream, Slate Grey & Silver Grey. 

£34.99 + vat. View Online Here. 

VillaFix Jointing Compound, 15kg Tub

This ready to use, Brush-in Patio Jointing Compound is perfect for natural stone paving. Just wet surface thoroughly and brush the material into the joints, then sweep of excess material, finally washing the paved area with clean water. Left over material can be stored in the tub if completely covered in water.
Not suitable for driveways and porcelain tiles or other impermeable flagstones.

  • Coverage 8-12m2 approx.
  • Strong & flexible
  • Permeable
  • Ready to use - no mixing
  • Cement & epoxy free
  • Walk on in 24 hours

This is available in five colours: Black, Basalt, Buff, Granite Sand & Grey Stone.

£29.99 + vat. View Online Here. 

VillaFix Rapid Base Mix, 25kg Tub

Perfect for Landscapers installing a porcelain patio. This is a rapid setting and ultra-rapid drying cement replacement that creates a fast-track patio base, which can then have porcelain tiles fixed over it using VillaFix™ Porcelain & Stone Adhesive after only 3 days. This innovative, fast track system negates the need to wait for a traditional patio base to dry before tiling. For a base thickness of 40mm at 1 part Rapid Base Mix, 3 parts sharp sand and 2½ parts aggregate.

  • Coverage 4-7.5m2 approx.
  • Excellent initial grab
  • Exceeds requirements of BS/EN 12004 C2FTS1
  • Rapid bond strength development
  • Highly flexible

£39.99 + vat. View Online Here.

VillaFix Invisible Sealer, 1L or 5L

Sealing your patio significantly prolongs its life span. This innovative product is used to help prevent staining of your stone patio or driveway; a water-based, breathable, high performance sealer. This product protects and seals all types of natural stone and concrete paving with minimal change to the original character, ensuring your paving looks the same as when installed. Protecting your paving from stains and spills will help enhance their lifespan, durability, and appearance.

  • Coverage 15-20m2 per litre
  • Minimises water penetration
  • Single coat application for speed and cost savings
  • Stain resistant

£28.99 + vat - 1L Tub. View Online Here. £89.99 + vat - 5L Tub. View Online Here.

VillaFix Porcelain & Stone Cleaner, 1L or 5L

This is a must-have for when your porcelain or natural stone paving is looking a little worn, this product helps your patio or driveway looking like new. This advanced formulation quickly removes years
of dirt and grime. Apply to the area to be treated to remove everyday dirt and grime and stubborn
stains. Suitable for all-natural stone and porcelain tiles. Ideal for all brickwork, walls, masonry, steps,
driveways, and patios.

  • Removes everyday dirt and grime
  • Heavy duty cleaner
  • 2 in 1 formulation
  • Cleans and prevents re-growth

£11.99 + vat - 1L Tub. View Online Here. £32.99 + vat - 5L Tub. View Online Here. 

AND there's even more...

This range also features SBR, Porcelain & Stone Primer, Porcelain & Stone Adhesive, Porcelain Grout Remover, Rust Stain Remover and Black Spot & Algae Remover

Our VillaFix range is fully available in our Depots which will be re-opening soon to the general public!