Jumbo Bag Away – Let us do the dirty work

If you want a waste disposal option that will save you a trip to the tip and is cheaper, our Jumbo Bag Away Service is the way to go. If you are renovating your house or redesigning your garden, our service ensures that you will not have to worry about cleaning up any accumulated waste. Available at all times of the year, we can collect the waste even when you're not present as long as the you keep the jumbo bags in an accessible place.

What is a Jumbo Bag?

Our jumbo bags are strong and durable bags that can hold up to 1 tonne of debris. They can be purchased online here or at our Bournemouth, Ferndown or Dorchester stores.

How does our Jumbo Bag Away work?

1. Buy a Jumbo Bag

The first step is to figure out how much waste you have and how many bags you will need. Our bags are able hold 1 tonne of debris, so order your bags according to the amount of waste. For green waste such as grass clippings or leaves, people usually only need 1 jumbo bag for a domestic area such as their garden. If you have a lot of waste, however, or a variety of different materials that need disposing of, it’s wise to get 2 jumbo bags.

2. Fill your Jumbo Bag

Fill your jumbo bag with your garden waste, to use this, simply fold down the four corners of the Jumbo Bag (this will give it a more sturdy structure). You can then start to fill the bag. It is strongly advised that you do not attempt to move the bag once you have begun filling it as you risk damaging the bag or injuring yourself. It’s a good idea to start filling the bag up in an area that is easily accessible for our lorries, like a front garden or drive way.

3. Choose your Waste Category

Go online and select which waste you need disposing of. There is a list below of the materials we can and can’t dispose of. For example, if you want to remove grass clippings and leaves, this would come under the category ‘Green Waste’. Once you’ve done this, you will receive an email to let you know which date your waste will be collected, which should be within 5 working days.

OR if you’re not too sure which category your waste comes under, call us on 01202 874207 where one of our friendly customer advisors can talk it through with you and take payment over the phone, advising a collection date.

Things to Consider

  • Place your filled bag at an accesible place where it will be easy for the collectors to reach
  • The bag must be situated within 4 metres (13 feet) of a public road
  • Roadway must be a minimum of 3 metres (10 feet) wide to enable the collection lorry to gain accces to the bag
  • Ensure there are no obstructions nearby, such as overhead wires, parked vehicles, trees etc

4. Await Collection

And then you sit back, relax, and let us collect the filled bag for you. We have 5 different size lorries which are easily manouverable to pick these bags up and load them onto the back of our lorries.

Our Economic Promise

Depending on the waste we’ve taken away, this will be responsibly disposed of. Any green waste is taken to Eco Sustainable Solutions to be recycled, composted and then screened to create fresh compost or soil.

NOTE: This is a local service, available for all BH postcodes, for any other postcode, an extra haulage charge will apply

What we can take:

Green Waste (grass or leaves)

Inert/ hardcore waste (soil, chalk, clay, sand, tarmac and concrete)


Other waste: wood, metal, plastic and general waste

What we can’t take:


Electric items

Toxic substances

Sharp, hazardous materials

Under environmental laws these include fridges, freezers, tyres, car batteries, pesticides, asbestos, paint tins and gas bottles. If you are unsure about the legality of any of your waste material please phone us for advice.

Clear the waste away from your garden ready the enjoy the summer! For more information, click here or call us on 01202 874207 for more advice.