Daltex Resin Bound Aggregates

Looking to update your driveway or add a low maintenance area to your garden? An increasingly popular driveway and path solution is Resin Bound Aggregates. We are proud to be the first ever UK stockist of this stunning, sought-after product range, and with plenty of colour options to choose from, you can make your own unique, colour combination as well!

What is it?

Resin Bound Aggregates are exactly what they say on the tin – they are are a mixture of small, coloured aggregates, combined with resin and sand. They create the perfect, flat surface for people to walk on and cars to drive on, while also being very durable and letting water drain freely. 

We have over 25 different coloured aggregates for you to choose from, that can be mixed with other colours to make your very own, unique driveway! Alternatively, we also have over 25 pre-mixed colour combinations that are tried, tested and loved by our customers!

The ratio of these small sized aggregates is usually 3 part 2-5mm stones to 1 part 1-3mm stone, this creates a varied texture throughout. The sand is finely crushed glass that gets added to the top at the end of the installation process, which adds a lovely sheen to the finish.

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Benefits of Choosing Resin Bound Aggregates

Permeable and SUDS compliant

SUDS stands for Sustainable Drainage Systems which are becoming a government requirement in many projects carried out on Building and Landscaping sites because of the rise of flooding due to climate change.

Due to Government and Council regulations, planning permission is usually required when you are looking to lay more then 5 metres squared of an impermeable surface such as concrete. This makes Daltex aggregates the perfect solution to risks of flooding as this resin can withstand heavy rain.

Did you know? Resin Bound Aggregates can withstand 850 litres of water per square metre per minute - that's a lot of heavy rain!!

UV stable

The resin that comes with the full kits are completely UV stable. This means the colour will never fade or change in the sunlight. Many gardens, front or back will have some part of it covered by shade, so unlike other resin bound aggregates which aren't UV stable, your driveway will never show different coloured areas that have/haven't been in the sun!

Slip Resistant & Frost-Proof

This is completely slip-resistant; even when wet it shouldn’t get too slippery to walk on.

Another feature is that its resistance to frost. Even below 0 degrees, this should remain completely frost-proof.

Easy to clean & Weed Proof

As Resin Bound Aggregates are usually used as a driveway, it's easy for tyres to make marks on this surface. This makes it reassuring to know that oil, petrol and black tyre marks can be removed with white spirit if cleaned within 3 weeks from the initial marks being made.

It also has weed resistance as well. When laid properly, a strong weed fabric should be used which will prevent any signs of weeds.

BBA approved

The BBA are The British Board of Agrément (BBA), this is a construction industry approvals body, originally set up in 1966 by government and offering product and installer approval. Installers of this product have the opportunity to become BBA approved with a qualification through this body. Once an Installer gains this approval, this should enable them to guarantee their work for a time frame of their choice, and should ensure correct installation of this product.

Resin Bound Aggregates Projects

Scroll through some of these stunning projects where our Landscapers have laid some beautiful examples of Resin Bound Aggregates!

Grey Coloured Resin Bound Aggregates in back garden with Artificial Grass, by Newlook Driveways

'Cappuccino' Resin Bound Aggregates driveway, by CW Stanley

A warm coloured, peaceful area created by Resin Bound Aggregates, by Newlook Driveways

Large, grey coloured driveway ft. Resin Bound Aggregates by CW Stanley

How do you lay Resin Bound Aggregates?

It's important to note that Resin Bound Aggregates must be installed by a professional Landscaper. This is a very involved garden project that will involve a team of experienced installers carrying it out. For Landscaper recommendations, please call us on 01202 874207.

Resin Bound Aggregates must be laid on tarmac or concrete, with a permeable sub-base such as Aquaflow aggregates including Type 1 or Type 3 limestone, depending on the base you lay it on. It must then have a strong and durable weed fabric on top, such as Strata Check.

Your Landscaper should provide a full inspection of your property to ensure Resin Bound Aggregates is a possibility and all the necessary steps that will be involved.

How do you Buy Resin Bound Aggregates?

All of the aggregates, resin and sand can be purchased separately online, with guidnace on how much of each item to buy within the product page itself. 

If you're hiring a professional Landscaper to install your Resin Bound Aggregates, though, they will be able to purchase all the necessary parts.

You can also purchase your Resin Bound Aggregates as kits, for more information, call us on 01202 874207 and ask for Charlie, who is the Resin expert!

You can view our extensive range of colours by clicking here.

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We have Resin Bound Aggregates laid and on display at our Bournemouth depot - pop in and ask me all there is to know about Resin Bound Aggregates!