Daltex Resin Bound Aggregates

A new and exciting product that Stone Zone & Landscaping Centre has just added to the range is one that you might just fall in love with! An increasingly popular driveway and path solution is Resin Bound Aggregates. From March, we will be the first ever UK stockist of this stunning product, with plenty of colour options to choose from, you can make your own unique, colour combination as well!

What is it?

Resin Bound Aggregates are exactly what they say on the tin – they are are a mixture of small, coloured aggregates, resin and sand. Depending on the colour combination you choose, the aggregates will change. The ratio is usually 3 part 2-5mm and 1 part 1-3mm to create a varied texture throughout. The sand is finely crushed glass which adds a lovely sheen to the finish.

This is most commonly used on a drive or as a path. The colour combinations create unique, personalised drives which can really stand out.

What’s so good about it?

BBA approved

The BBA are The British Board of Agrément (BBA), this is a construction industry approvals body, originally set up in 1966 by government and offering product and installer approval. Installers of this product have the opportunity to become BBA approved with a qualification through this body. Once an Installer gains this approval, this should enable them to guarantee their work for a time frame of their choice, and should ensure correct installation of this product.

Permeable and SUDS compliant

SUDS stands for Sustainable Drainage Systems which are becoming a government requirement in many projects carried out on Building and Landscaping sites because of the rise of flooding.

Due to Government and Council regulations, planning permission is usually required when you are looking to lay more then 5 metres squared of an impermeable surface such as concrete. This makes Daltex the perfect solution to risks of flooding as this resin can withstand heavy rain.

UV stable

This means the colour will never fade or change in the sunlight. Some resin options aren’t UV stable, which discolour is areas which are in the sun versus areas which aren’t in the sun, such as fences, bins and trees.

Slip Resistant & Frost-Proof

This is completely slip-resistant, even when wet it shouldn’t get too slippery to walk on.

Another feature is its resistance to frost. Even below 0 degrees, this should remain completely frost-proof.

Easy to clean & Weed Proof

As this is usually used as a driveway, it is easy for tyres to make marks on this surface, it is reassuring to know that oil, petrol and black tyre marks can be removed with white spirit if cleaned within 3 weeks from the initial marks being made.

It also has weed resistance as well. When laid properly, a strong weed fabric should be used which will prevent any signs of weeds.

How do you lay it?

This must be laid on tarmac or concrete, with a permeable base such as Aquaflow aggregates including Type 1 or Type 3 limestone, depending on the base you lay it on. It must then have a strong and durable weed fabric on top, such as Strata Check.

This needs to be laid at 18mm depth as a minimum by a professional Landscaper. There are also certain pieces of equipment that are needed which must be used by trained professionals.

What are the colour options?

There are 25 colour options within our range, however, because the different coloured aggregates are all stocked in our warehouses, this means you can make your very own colour combination with the belnds of colours you like.

These will be stocked in our Depots in March, with samples to look at and get inspired. You will also see this available on our website in the next few weeks.

For more information on this amazing range, call us on 01202 874207 or use our form to contact us.

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