5 Ways to Get Your Garden Ready for Autumn

5 Ways to Get Your Garden Ready for Autumn

Autumn is upon us and contrary to popular belief it’s not time to leave your garden alone just yet. That is why we have come up with 5 easy ideas to ensure that you have a beautiful-looking garden which will see you through next Spring. We have taken extra care to ensure that these steps do not require too much time and effort and are suitable for both small and large gardens.

Mulch your borders

There are several benefits to mulching your borders. It is especially important to do so in Autumn because that is when the weather starts to cool down. The colder weather can often be detrimental for some plants, and the mulches can protect them by working as a layer of insulation which will protect your plant roots, trees and shrubs when it gets chilly.

Mulches are also useful for preventing weed growth, which is a bonus as they will leave your garden looking fresh and save time from de-weeding.

Finally, mulching is beneficial for your garden because it also helps improve your soil. This is especially the case with natural, organic mulch (such as the ones we supply). As the mulch breaks down over time, it releases further nutrients in the soil which will help your plants further.

Grown in-season vegetables

As we have mentioned before, just because it is no longer Spring and Summer does not mean that the growing season is over. There is a plethora of vegetables that you can grow in your garden and enjoy in the upcoming months. To help you on your way to growing delicious vegetables, give yourself a head start and use our Wessex® Fruit & Veg Topsoil to create a nourishing bed for your veg to grow on. 

The first veg we’d recommend growing is Potatoes. Autumn is the perfect weather to plant some potatoes in your allotment and have them grow in around 13 weeks. The weather should be just warm enough for you to plant them, water them and then leave them to it, but if you want extra security, we’d suggest getting your hands on a polytunnel.

If you are looking for something easier and sturdy to plant, then we’d recommend Kale. Kale is easy to grow and perfect for beginners as they are hard to kill. They thrive in low-light areas and are therefore ideal for Autumn when sunlight will be lacking.

The last vegetable we’d recommend growing this season is Garlic. The king of vegetables we think. The first step is to get your hands on some fresh garlic from a garden centre or a supplier – avoid using the ones from supermarkets, as they are not the best for plating; separate the cloves and then plant them. The only issue with garlic is that you do have to wait a while to eat it as you have to wait until the following summer, but there’s nothing better than fresh garlic.

For more ideas read our growing guide here.

Plant in-season flowers

No matter the season, there’s no reason why your garden shouldn’t be filled with colourful flowers at all times. That is why we have some flower recommendations that you can grow in the autumn season. Chrysanthemums are an excellent choice if you want to add some colour to your garden. They are hardy and simple to manage and come in a wide range of colours. Once planted in Autumn it will only take a few months for them to start growing, so your garden will be filled with flowers at the cusp of winter. Another recommendation we have would be to grow the Heavenly Bamboo. Perfect for growing in the autumn, these plants stay vibrant and colourful all year round, therefore you do not need to worry about a drab garden once they have grown. Our Wessex® Soil Improver Compost is the perfect soil to help your flowers bloom to their full potential.

And finally, we think Pansies are a great choice for planting in the autumn season. Winter Pansies are durable and weather-resistant flowers, making them ideal for planting in cold weather. Just make sure to get your hands on some nutritious soil and you will be good to go.

Take some time to browse through our Soil range to see what will fit best for your garden; we have a wide collection to cater to various gardening projects. Click here to check them out.

Autumn clean-up

We know cleaning and tidying are not the most exciting of jobs, however in this case it is necessary. The last thing you want coming into this season is to have a grubby garden that no one will be able to enjoy. We have a few simple solutions that are quick and easy to implement and won’t take up too much of your time.

Start off by giving your garden a good sweep and clearing away any fallen leaves and acorns. We know that more leaves will fall in no time, but believe us, giving your entire garden a sweep will make a world of difference.

Secondly, it is best practice to cut and clear away any old crops. We know it sounds like a faf; however, dead, rotten crops will eventually become mouldy and affect any new crops you plant and infect those as well.

Get a fresh new lawn

If you have a garden with a natural lawn and want to freshen it up – many of us suffered from completely burnt grass this summer – you may want to consider getting yourself fresh turf that will last you for many years to come if you maintain it properly. Furthermore, you can’t deny that a fresh and vivid lawn will brighten up your entire garden during the gloomy winter months.

We have even written a simple guide to help you maintain your lawn for longevity. Which you can read here.

On the other hand, if you want something completely different and don’t want to deal with a fresh lawn, you can also go with artificial grass.