How to Maintain Your Turf Grass

How to Maintain Your Turf In Autumn

We are nearly at the end of summer and therefore need to start preparing for Autumn and Winter. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about how to prepare your garden for the cold season to ensure that you have a fresh and bright garden for the remainder of the year.

When to Lay Fresh Turf

To prepare for Winter and ensure that you have fresh turf until next summer, we think it’s best to lay your turf between mid-autumn and early. We recommend this specific time frame because at this the soil won’t be too damp or frosty, therefore if you can lay out your turf just at the cusp of winter, you will be able to have a fresh lawn all through Winter and Spring.
The Stone Zone’s best-selling Wessex® Coolfresh Turf (Medallion) is delivered to you in a chilled environment, so you know you are getting the freshest turf for your garden.

Topsoil for a Healthy Turf

Getting top-quality turf is very important, however, it is not the only thing you need in order to keep your lawn healthy. Therefore, before laying down your turf, you have to ensure that the surface has been properly prepared.

There are products that you can purchase alongside your turf to maintain it.

To make sure your turf retains its quality and stays green for longer; we suggest you get your hands on a Loam Topsoil. Spreading loam topsoil beneath your turf ensures that the surface is not bumpy, and improves soil texture. It is also important as it encourages root growth leading to thicker grass development.

The Aerating Process

A popular and well-established method of ensuring that your lawn is in its best possible state is to aerate the area you will be installing your fresh turf. The process of aerating refers to perforating holes into the base to make sure air, water and other nutrients are able to pass through the grass. This is an essential step if you are laying your new fresh turf on top of old grass. Old grass needs to be aerated thoroughly and with a lot of care because otherwise, it could be detrimental to your fresh lawn. If you are laying the turf on fresh soil it can still be done however it is not vital as it would be for the old grass.

Create a Walkway

Finally, another way to ensure that your lawn stays neat and tidy until next Spring is to avoid walking on it as much as possible. Too much foot traffic on the fresh lawn may damage the grass and hinder it from staying fresher for longer.

One way to avoid treading on your fresh turf is for you to be prepared and plan ahead. If you already know that you have an area that you would need access to, we suggest you build some sort of path, either using paving slabs or stepping stones. At Stone Zone, we have an extensive range of paving slabs and decorative stones that are safe to walk on, therefore you have a plethora of options for you to choose from to create a lovely path across your lawn.

Maintaining Your New Turf

The process of maintaining your Turf differs depending on the time of the year and so we have created an easy guide to give you a rundown on what to do to ensure your turf stays as fresh as possible.

The first and most vital step is to water regularly once your classic turf has been laid. A common mistake people make when they have a new turf is that they don’t water it enough and the ground gets dry which is a sure-fire way of ruining of lawn, that’s why we strongly recommend thoroughly and regularly watering your lawn to ensure that it has a good level of moisture and remains vibrant for longer.

We know it may be tempting to make use of your new lawn especially when the weather is warm, but please avoid doing so until the grass has rooted in, to ensure that you are not inhibiting any growth.

We think it’s best practice to mow your lawn often to ensure that you don’t trim off too much. Not only is mowing the grass going to keep your lawn looking clean and tidy but regularly trimming them encourages the grass to grow new leaves and therefore create a thick, plush layer of grass that will not only increase your lawn’s longevity but also creates a solid barrier against weeds.

Finally, please make sure that you keep your lawn clean. Sweep and rake away and debris, dead leaves, twigs as often as possible to keep your classic lawn as clean and fresh as possible. Especially during the Autumn-Winter season, autumn/dead leaves are the worst at inhibiting lawn growth and that is why we make an extra emphasis on keeping the area clean. Moreover, it’s not just natural material but we also recommend keeping toys and furniture away as they will have a detrimental effect on your turf grass.

Read through our guide to make sure your fresh turf remains bright for many months to come!