Stone Zone's Top 5 Garden Projects 2021

It's hard to believe it but we are now halfway through 2021! We have seen some incredible projects so far this year, and we know we will continue to see lots more throughout the rest of the year. 

In this article, we have carefully hand picked our top five favourite garden projects. With the number of amazing projects we see and the standard that keeps getting better, this was not an easy task! Here are our favourites and the reasons behind our choices...

The Front Garden Show Piece - Jenkins & Son Contracts

Featuring: Sienna Cappuccino Porcelain Paving & Scottish Pebbles

As soon as we watched the video of this project we fell in love with it. Jenkins have taken our best-selling range of porcelain paving, Sienna Cappuccino Porcelain, and really made a show piece out of it with the octagonal shaped patios within the customer's front garden.

They have also created a simple pathway, as well as cutting these slabs to shape to fit nicely within the steps leading to the customer's front door. The pathway and steps tie in nicely with the small patio areas.

As well as the Cappuccino Paving, Jenkins have made a great use of our popular Scottish Pebbles surrounding both patio areas and the paved pathway. Scottish Pebbles are well-loved due to their variety of colour and their tendency to look great when wet, as well as sparkling in the sun.  

The Resin Bound Dream - C.W Stanley

Featuring: Sienna Resin Bound Aggregates

Resin Bound Aggregates are always popular within larger properties or modern buildings. We love this project completed by C.W Stanley because they have completed such a large area and really accentuated the customer's outdoor space. The customer can enjoy a stunning driveway as well as pathway to their front door and garage. 

The customer has chosen Sienna Aggregates and we can see why - even in the photos you can see the beautiful variation of colour that this blend consists of. It may be the more expensive surfacing option, but it is definitely the long lasting choice which is fully permeable and maintains its colour for years and years to come. 

The Summer Garden Party Project - Adams Landscapes & Garden Maintenance

Featuring: Umbra Sandstone Paving & Oak Sleepers

This project would definitely be our summer garden party choice, so it had to be in the top five! The customer is lucky enough to have a pool in their garden, and Adam's Landscapes have done a brilliant job of creating a large patio space which starts from the customer's back door, leading through to a dining area and then surrounding the pool and onwards. 

The use of Oak Sleepers is highly inspirational in this project; with raised plant beds surrounding the dining area and the entire pool space. This will give the customer the chance to enjoy some beautiful flowers and plants while they eat and swim, as well as some privacy.

It's no surprise the customer has opted for Umbra Sandstone Paving - it is our best-selling Sandstone Paving, and the lovely shades of grey colours are very popular this year. It's also no surprise they have used it around their pool; due to it's R11 non-slip properties, this paving is completely pool safe. 

The Landscape of Excitement - Cabin Builders

Featuring: Sawn Tallow Paving, Scottish Cobbles & Oak Sleepers 

We do love a project that is so different we haven't seen anything like it before... and this certainly fits the bill! Cabin Builders have used a range of our products here and really created a landscaped garden like no other.

As well as being a stunning feature, it is also somewhere for the customer to walk through and enjoy the small pockets of plants that have been cleverly placed within this project. 

Sawn Tallow Paving really shines through in this project with it's understated, yet beautiful colours. This is a premium paving that has been hand-sawn to create perfectly smooth and regimented lines. It is then polished for an extra smooth finish.

To really set the Tallow off, Cabin Builders have edged this paving with Fossil Cobble Setts to drop in a bit more colour. The natural properties of Fossil work really well with their natural variation of golden colours.

A big part of this garden feature is down to the use of Scottish Cobbles surrounding the paved areas. We can again see how beautiful the colours are, especially when wet, and really compliment the golden colours in the Tallow and Fossil.

Oak Sleepers have also been incorporated to border off some of the planted areas which contain small trees, and generally screen off the entire garden feature nicely. We love the way the sleepers have been cut different sizes to really give this garden extra interest.

The Sophisticated Al Fresco Experience - D Francis Landscapes

Featuring: Volcano Beige Porcelain Paving, Antique Composite Prime Decking & Oak Sleepers

This is the most recent garden project we have seen and it really has taken our breath away. The subtle choices of light beige and light grey colours look excellent and really give the garden a modern and sophisticated feel. This would be our garden choice for al fresco dining!

D Francis have laid Volcano Beige for the outdoor patio which takes the customer from their back door and into their lovely garden. Our Italian Volcano range is one of our most popular ranges due to it's superior strength and contemporary colour choices.

The centre of the garden proudly displays the new, raised decking which is the hub for outdoor dining. Antique Composite Prime Decking has been chosen for this, which is a high quality blend of wood flour and recycled plastic decking, guaranteed to last 25 years. 

Oak Sleepers have been used again to create high quality raised plant and flower beds next to the decking which will be enjoyed during any outdoor meals. 

Do you have what it takes to be in our end of year favourite projects list?! Make sure you send your completed projects to or tag @stonezoneandlandscapingcentre in your Facebook posts!