Stone Cladding & Walling

A growing trend for homes and gardens across the UK is the stunning varieties of Stone Cladding & Walling. With so many colour options in many different stone materials, there is a style for every home, whether you have a traditional red brick house or a modern, rendered exterior.   

Available Ranges of Stone Cladding

Porcelain Cladding

We have two different ranges of modern, Porcelain Cladding that are available in different colours and finishes so you can choose the right look for you.

St. Moritz Porcelain Cladding Tiles

Available in four different colours, this Stone Cladding perfectly replicates that of natural stone, with variations of colour throughout the cladding tile, for a totally unique and rustic look. These cladding tiles come in varying thicknesses for an authentic look.

The St. Moritz Deserto Porcelain Cladding is a lovely sandy coloured cladding choice, which has bright bursts of golden tones and beige tones throughout the stone. This choice is great for home-owners that like a warm and inviting house/garden.

In contrast to this, the St. Moritz Gris Porcelain Cladding emulates that of cool, understated shades of soft grey and silver throughout the cladding. This is particulrly great for modern houses that want an on-trend look that will stay contemporary for years to come. 

We then have the St. Moritz Terra Cladding, which is the most unique Porcelain Cladding tile out of all four of the colour options. Encompassing many different shades of colours which include bronze, copper and dark browns, this cladding choice is ideal for those with period properties that want to maintain a completely natural-looking house exterior with a burst of colour. 

Lastly, there is the sleek look of St. Moritz Black Cladding which features one main colour of jet black, as well as darker shades of grey. For modern properties or even businesses that are wanting more of a subtle or even a professional look to them, then the Black Cladding choice would be the best one for you, as it is completely timeless.

Porcelain Cladding measurements: 160mm x 400mm x 9 - 15mm

Pack Size: 12 Pieces - 0.77m2 Coverage

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Volcano Porcelain Cladding Tiles

Our Volcano Cladding range is also a best-selling range of stone cladding that consists of five colours. This walling choice is more understated, and has been used in many business settings where maintenance is minimal and style is the forefront of the customer's minds.

Volcano Grey is our best-selling colour; as are most of our grey garden features. This light grey/silver coloured cladding tile is a cool and neutral colour which looks great in the interior of your home, in rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms as a decorative feature.

In a darker grey/black colour, we have the Volcano Dark Porcelain Cladding. This is also great for the interior of your home, and also looks really good in business settings such as showrooms and reception areas for a really classy look. 

We then have Volcano Beige Porcelain Cladding which is a lovely cream coloured stone walling. Beige is starting to come back in fashion, get ahead of the game and freshen up your home interior or exterior with this subtle, porcelain cladding.

Volcano Taupe is another really popular Porcelain Cladding. This is mainly a soft, bown colour which matches well with most existing properties and their garden features. This would look great on the outside of your house and make it look nice and modern.

Lastly, we have Volcano White Porcelain Cladding which is a very clean, fresh-looking cladding that we would recommend installing on the inside of your house. This way it will be nice and easy to keep clean and away from the outside elements!

Porcelain Cladding measurements: 610mm x 150mm x 7 - 11mm

Pack Size: 11 pieces - 0.99m2 Coverage  

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Sandstone/Limestone Walling

If you want a completely Natural Stone in your home, look no further than our Sandstone and Limestone Walling. This is designed for your front garden or back garden, as they come as walling pieces of different sizes which can be built to a height of your preference. 

Our best-seller is Golden Fossil Sandstone Walling; consisting of beige and gold tones for a very relaxed feeling in your garden. No two stone pieces will be the same, and you might even find fossils in some of your walling! As this is such a bright colour, it makes it great for flower and plant beds with Top Soil and beautiful flowers in. 

Another popular Sandstone Walling we do is Umbra Kandla Grey Walling. This is predominantly a soft grey colour, which goes nice in a modern property that still wants a natural, rustic feature to look at. These stone walling pieces would look good wrapped around your house as a stone wall, giving you both privacy and a beautiful feature. 

Raj Green Sandstone Walling encompasses many different, warm colours which include brick red, warm brown and greys. This is for those people that are wanting a very natural, very unique wall in their garden. This would match well with properties with red brick houses, and may look good as retaining walls within your garden, especially if it is multi-levelled.

Our fourth Sandstone Walling we do is Havana Sandstone; this is a very high quality sandstone which has also originated from quarries in India. These colours are mainly dark grey, which will go a lovely black colour when wet.

We also have Carbon Black Limestone Walling. If you are looking for a stone wall in your garden that is a beautiful jet black colour when it's both dry and wet outside, this would be the best choice for you. Limestone is naturally slightly a softer stone, so we would recommend using this for shorter walls.   

Available Stone Walling Sizes

210mm x 100mm

250mm x 100mm

300mm x 100mm

(Thickness varies between 50mm - 70mm)

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Ledger Stone Cladding

The final range of Stone Cladding we supply is Ledger Stone Walling. This is almost a hybrid of Porcelain Cladding and Natural Stone Walling, as it is manufactured stone that consists of concrete, natural stone and iron-oxide pigments to generate the array of colours throughout. This makes it hardy whilst also looking nice and natural. 

Emerald Quartz Cladding is out newest Ledger Stone Cladding which encompasses really natural colours such as soft browns and soft greys. This is a versatile cladding option as it can be used to clad the exterior of your house, as well as outer walls such as garages and out buildings. 

Our second colour option of Ledger Stone Cladding is Silver Grey Cladding; this is completely grey throughout and has more of a rustic finish to it in comparison to the sleek finish of Emerald Quartz. This is also a great option for any part of your house exterior or interior. 

Measures: 610mm x 150mm

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