2021/22 Garden Trends

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We're starting to see the first glimpses of sunshine with summer just around the corner! The anticipation of warmer weather and life slowly returning back to normal is getting our spirits up. What with being able to see family and friends outdoors now, the one thing people want to revamp this year is their garden. Plenty of BBQs and stay-cations will be seen this year, and for that reason, we've compiled the top 5 garden trends of this year and potentially next year!

1. The Garden as the Extra Room

Whether you have a small yard or a vast garden, this has become a luxury that people appreciate even more. It's become another option for an office when working from home, a playground for the kids during school closures and a tranquil place to take a break. As people are appreciating their garden more, they're deciding exactly what they want out of their garden.

Garden Office

If you're using the garden as an office option, it's important to have some areas of shade. Outdoor umbrellas or semi mature trees will be your best friend when it comes to shade. This has also seen an increase in paving and decking sales. If you have a set of outdoor table and chairs you're using, these are much better placed on a deck or patio. Browse our Paving range here to go through the many options we have. 

The Pop-up Pub

Although pubs now have their beer gardens open again, people are enjoying their garden as a space to enjoy a drink or a bite to eat. Many people have transformed their sheds into pop-up bars and have invested in good quality outdoor table and chairs. This is also what's seeing the rise in Paving and Decking, so people have a good base to start with. Click here to view our vast range of Decking.

The Kid's Playground

Some parents are still wary of taking their children to public parks due to the risks it carries, what with so many different children using the play areas. For this reason, they are dedicating part of their garden for the kids to play safely with a select number of their friends. This can easily be done by simply adding a swing set or climbing frame. You can then add Artificial Grass (so your Fresh Turf doesn't get ruined!) or Play Chip underneath climbing frames which will then absorb the impact of falling down. 

2. Grow Your Own

Venturing into growing your own fruit and veg is a trend that is becoming popular among all generations. For reasons such as saving the planet, adopting a new and fulfilling hobby and simply to enjoy the taste of home grown food - this is defnitely something which will continue trending for years to come. 

To get the best results, creating raised beds will see the best chances of avoiding pests and weeds. Oak Sleepers are our most popular product when it comes to creating raised beds, due to their longevity. For further protection against pesky weeds, we sell weed membranes to prevent these coming through. 

Rolawn soil is the best when it comes to a plentiful crop. You can purchase Rolawn Vegetable and Fruit Topsoil online or our own Multi Purpose Compost which is a budget-friendly option for growing fruit and veg.

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3. Modern Decor & Design

With the garden becoming more and more like that 'extra room', the decor is becoming more important to people, as well as the garden design and colour scheme. 

From adding a simple coat of paint to a fence to completly re-designing the garden, colour matching the paving with the table and chairs set - gardens are looking as good as the owner's house! 

Hanging decorations have become really popular, as well as solar lights, with hot tubs seeing a huge increase in sales this past year. Things like garden signs and personal ornamental garden features are also on the rise.

4. Climate Change Conscious Gardens

People are becoming more aware of the changing climate and the decline in animals such as bees and hedgehogs. For this reason, people are making small changes towards saving the planet and the threatened wildlife. 

Purchases of insect houses and hedgehog homes have been on the rise for the last year, as well as bird feeders and bird baths. Even if people aren't big animal fans, they know how important they are to the eco system, and have found enjoyment in watching them visit their garden. 

The purchase of wild flowers and bee and butterfly attracting flowers has also increased. As well as looking and smelling beautiful, people enjoy seeing these colourful insects visit the garden.

For more information on how your garden can save the planet, click here.

5. Health & Wellbeing

With mental health being especially affected by the pandemic, people are looking at both their physical and mental health more and doing what they can to improve this. 

Gardens come into this by people using this space as an outdoor gym/yoga room. It's been so difficult to keep fit with gyms being closed and lockdowns being in place, so people are using this space to get active.

We have also seen a trend in growing plants such as air purifying plants like Peace Lillies and Aloe Vera for its many health benefits. As well as the benefits these plants offer themselves, caring for a plant is great for your mental health and creates a sense of wellness and acomplishment. 

For their mental health, people have chosen to simply relax peacefully in their garden, enjoying the peace and quiet it offers.    

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