Top Autumnal Garden Tips

Today is the Autumn Equinox - this means it's officially that time of year where tree leaves turn orange and red and we can admire our gardens in a completely different way (albeit covered in rain sometimes!)

In this article, we give you all the hints and tips you need to take the best care of your garden through the changing seasons.  

Caring for your Patio

Caring for your Lawn

  • Scarify your grass - this means raking it over to remove any dead grass or moss
  • Trim it back - tidy up the edges and remove any dead ends
  • Patch up any worn areas - Autumn is the best time for laying either new turf or replacement turf. Click here to view Turf Rolls online
  • Apply Turf Dressing - this improves soil structure and encourages strong root development. Click here to view online

For top tips on laying our Wessex Turf, read our article here!

Caring for your Decking

  • Clean any debris off, including algae and moss. Click here to view Deck Magic
  • Stain wooden decking to maintain colour and protect from Winter frosts
  • Make a habit of sweeping leaves throughout the Autumn/Winter for wooden and Composite decking

Caring for your Plants

  • Deadhead flowers that are out of bloom - using shears to cut just below the old flower stem 
  • Consider using mulch as protection through Winter frosts. Click here to view online
  • Take it any plants that prefer warmer weather - utilise your greenhouse or conservatory!
  • Cut back overhanging trees - use a hedgetrimmer to prevent a flurry of falling leaves
  • Water less and let mother nature feed your plants!

Caring for Wildlife

  • Create a hedgehog house with leftover tree branches - read our How to Guide here
  • Let a corner of your garden grow out for small animals to use
  • Use fat balls to feed the birds through colder weather
  • Buy or make a bug hotel to protect insects and bees  

For more information on any of our garden maintenance products, call our friendly team on 01202 874207