How To Make a Hedgehog House

A great way to fill your time indoors during the never ending rain is to make a home for our friendly creatures that are rapidly declining. It’s also a good way to keep the little ones occupied during wet weekends!

You will need:

A plastic box (any size; it can even be a drawer taken out of a unit)

A stanley knife

2 x bricks

Masking tape

Straw/ dry grass

Step 1

Carve out an entrance for your spiky friend. Using your Stanley knife, cut roughly a 15 x 15cm square entrance on one of the sides of the box. This will allow enough space for a small hedgehog but deter bigger creatures such as foxes.

Step 2

Use the tape to tape around the edges of where you have just cut out. This will ensure there are no jagged edges for the hedgehog to cut itself when it’s rummaging around in the dark.

Step 3

Place in a shaded area near an accessible place for small creatures. Under a hedge is usually a good idea, this also helps hide them away from foxes. You can now fill the bottom of the house with the dry grass or straw.

Step 4

Use the bricks to protect them. Using 2 bricks, place them on top of the plastic box to ensure there is no chance of the house getting knocked away by the wind or a fox.

Step 5

Ta-dah! Now you’ve completed your hedgehog house, you can start thinking about feeding it. You can now buy hedgehog food at selected garden centres or online. Although, they are usually happy with the slugs or snails they’ve managed to find. You could also buy some cat or dog food, as long as it doesn’t contain fish.

And remember…

If you’ve successfully made a hedgehog house and you’d like to share it with us, upload it to Facebook or Twitter and make sure you tag us in it! We look forward to seeing your spiky friends!

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