The Journey of our Eco-Friendly Soil

The Soil we supply here at Stone Zone goes through rigorous testing, and extra steps are taken to ensure they are as eco-friendly as possible.

It is more important now than ever to ensure the products we sell are not harmful to the environment and to reassure you further, we have created an overview of the journey our soil goes through.

The Journey of our Eco-Friendly Topsoil

The process of our best-selling Wessex® Topsoils is environmentally-friendly and sustainable. This Topsoil is made from recycled soils that have come from local areas around Dorset as unwanted or unused waste collated by Gardeners and Landscapers.

This recycled soil then endures a screening process locally in Dorset which is what ensures the consistency of the soil, eliminating large stones, sticks and other bits of debris. After this, the soil will be tested and undergo a quality assurance process, checking various things like particle size, PH level and temperature. If it passes, it is then awarded the British Standard 3882 rating. 

PAS 100 Green Compost then gets added to this BS3882 Soil at the same site. This compost has also been recycled as green waste from people's gardens and other areas that have had trees cut down. At a local site in Dorset, this recycled green waste is cut down and composted using a windrow turner. This compost is constantly turned for 12 weeks to distribute heat to regulate temperature, distribute moisture and improve oxygen content.  

Once the PAS 100 Compost is ready, both the soil and the compost go through a large mixing machine which distributes each product evenly throughout. This entire process happens on the same site in Dorset, which is where our warehouse is based. Once the final product has been produced, large loads of this soil arrive at our warehouse, ready to sell in-store and online.

With the soil and peat-free compost being created entirely from recycled materials, with no virgin trees or marsh having been cut away for our soils' production, this is a sustainably-sourced product. Also, with this topsoil being screened and mixed all on one site, it lowers the carbon emissions that might have been created if it were to be passed from site to site.  

With all the transport being contained in Dorset, it means this soil has a very low carbon footprint, so you can rest assured that you are buying locally-produced soil. This soil is also environmentally-friendly as it contains peat-free, green goodness that will make your soil and plants thrive! 

What is PAS 100 Green Compost?

As our peat-free, green compost is made entirely from recycled green waste, mulched and then composted in windrow tuners, it then undergoes a testing process.

Publicly Available Specification is a widely recognised compost quality standard within the organics recycling sector.

To ensure a high standard of compost, PAS is set by the British Standards Institution which requires producers to establish a top-quality production policy.

This product status is given in recognition of non-hazardous waste that contains biodegradable materials only, making it safe to use in both domestic and commercial settings.

What does BS3882 mean?

The British Standard 3882 certification for topsoil has been laid out to ensure a consistently high-performance grade; a standard set out by the British Standards Institute. This standard is the revised version of 1994 originally set out.

BS3882 is measured on three factors: Soil Structure and Classification, Free-from Contamination and Fertility. BS3882 topsoil suppliers are also able to supply results of the soil analysis which includes the origin of the soil, the contamination parameters and written confirmation that the soil complies with the standard BS3882:2007.

The Wessex® Soils Range

1. Wessex® BS3882 10mm SoilOur Wessex 10mm is a mixture of top-quality local British Standard topsoil and PAS 100 green compost.

2. Wessex® Blended 10mm Loam Topsoil - Our Wessex blend of Loam Topsoil is freshly blended and created specifically for planting that requires good drainage as well as the ability to retain nutrients. This multi-purpose soil is suitable for many different growing mediums such as potted flowers and plants.

3. Wessex® Borders & Beds Topsoil - Our highly-reviewed blend of 10mm Borders & Beds Topsoil is freshly screened and then blended locally in Dorset. Consisting of organic, peat-free compost mixed with high-quality British Standard 3882 soil. This unique mix of soil has been created specifically with slow-releasing nutrients for a variety of plants. 

4. Wessex® Fruit & Veg TopsoilOur Wessex blend of Fruit and Vegetable Topsoil is freshly blended and created specifically with growing in mind. This soil is suitable for many different crops for consistent growth. It doesn’t contain manure which can sometimes be harmful to fruit and veg. 

5. Wessex® Lawn & Turf Seeding Soil - Our Wessex blend of Lawn & Turf Seeding Soil is freshly blended and created specifically for the fast root establishment of grass seed. This is sandy soil which is very easy to work with and spread across large areas, for the best chances of growing fresh grass.

6. Wessex® Eco Coffee Soil - Guaranteed to stimulate plant growth, our Wessex Eco Coffee Soil consists of 100% recycled Soil tested to BS3882 Standard, thoughtfully blended with locally-sourced, recycled Coffee grounds and PAS 100 Organic Compost that is completely peat-free

Purchase our top-quality Wessex® Soil to create your dream garden and rest assured that you are not adding to your carbon footprint.