The Grass is Greener with Wessex™ Turf!

The Grass is always Greener with Wessex Garden Turf! Although some people are now opting for Artificial Grass, Fresh Turf Grass is still high in demand and very popular for natural gardens that are looking for some fresh greenery that will encourage an eco-friendly environment, and lots of wildlife diversity. Our new and improved, plastic-free Grass will not let you down - read on to find out why!

When is it the Best Time to Lay Turf?

At Stone Zone, we always recommend laying your Turf during a season with mild to warm weather, with occasional showers likely. Therefore, Autumn or Spring is the best time to lay Turf; it will provide the perfect conditions your new grass needs to stay hydrated as well as soak up some milder sun rays.  

Benefits of Wessex® Turf Grass

Plastic Netting Free Turf

One of the highlights of our new Wessex® Turf Rolls is that they are more environmentally friendly than our previous Turf. We have achieved this by sourcing it from cultivators that don't use any plastic netting, which is sometimes embedded in some turf rolls that are on the market.

By choosing suppliers that have completely eliminated plastic netting, there is a significant decrease in plastic use throughout the production of our Turf. This makes for a huge environmental improvement, and means it will also prevent small creatures from getting stuck in the plastic netting.

Turf with Rapid Establishment

We pride ourselves in supplying only the highest quality materials here at Stone Zone, and our Turf Grass is no exception. Cultivated at a minimum of 12 months old, this means that our Wessex Turf has been well-looked after with well-established roots.

By purchasing a well-established Grass, you will find the 'bedding in' process of our Turf rolls to be much quicker and more efficient. With proper care and watering, soon enough, you will have a durable, thick lawn in your garden much faster. You will be able to enjoy a plush, green lawn without having to wait a long period of time.

Drought-Tolerant Grass

Once the Turf rolls have been established as your new grass lawn, it is able to tolerate and maintain its quality even during a drought. This means that you can enjoy fresh turf no matter what the weather is like, which is especially reassuring when Summer heat waves are around the corner.

Disease-Resistant Grass

Nothing is worse than your brand-new turfed lawn getting ruined due to one of the many diseases there are. One of the best qualities of our Turf Grass is that it’s resistant to disease! This is due to the way it has been treated during initial establishment. So, when you purchase Wessex Turf, you can worry less and fully enjoy your lawn.

Low Maintenance Turf Rolls

The maintenance of a garden lawn is sometimes what puts people off purchasing Turf Grass rolls. However, with our Wessex Turf, we can assure you that there is very little maintenance involved! 

Nitrogen is a vital component when it comes to Turf and can be found in many different composts and fertilisers. Nitrogen is what helps the grass maintain its vivid green colour, while also strengthening the grass blades to make them as hardy as possible. Wessex Turf doesn't need as much Nitrogen or Water once established, as it has had this added throughout its early establishment.

Not only does this make this lawn choice lower in cost and low maintenance, but also means it's a more environmentally friendly choice as it does not use natural resources in excess.

Carbon-Capturing Lawn

When opting for Turf Grass as opposed to Artificial Grass, what many people forget is that a natural lawn is ‘Carbon Capturing’, meaning that the Grass, as a large plant within your garden, takes out Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere by absorbing it. Wessex Turf very cleverly locks the Carbon Dioxide within the roots of the turf, converting it into oxygen, similar to trees. This process results in a cleaner, healthier atmosphere in your garden.

All-year-round Green Grass

We understand that constantly maintaining your garden can be a real chore for those with busy schedules, and that is one of the reasons why our Turf grass is a great choice for a modern household. Provided it is well-looked after, this Classic turf is able to retain its bright green colour throughout the year ensuring that you have a fresh garden no matter the season.

Top-Rated Turf Choice

Lastly, we are proud to say that our Turf is highly reviewed by many of our customers. Don't just take it from us though - take a look at the comments our Wessex Turf has received below!

"Beautiful, no nasties in the turf and easy to work with." - Jo, 08/04/22

"Super turf delivered quickly." - Steven, 28/09/21

"I can definitely vouch for this being great quality turf!" - Kathryn, 15/05/20

How do you order it?

Once you have measured the area in your garden that you'd like to turf, you're ready to place your Turf order! By measuring the width and length of the desired space, this will give you an idea of the amount needed. You can also use our handy Quantity Calculator on our Turf Page. 

Our Wessex Turf comes as 1m2 rolls and measures 610mm width x 1640mm length x 12.5mm height.

You can order as little as 1 square metre if you call our friendly team on 01202 874207.

It's easy to order online; simply enter your postcode and then select the number of turf rolls you'd like to order. Please note that there is a minimum order quantity of 10 square metre rolls online. 

Click Here to Buy Turf Online 

We always recommend ordering 10% more than what you have worked out to esnure you are fully covered.

How do you lay it?

Prepare the ground before you lay your Turf. Ensure the ground has been levelled out with a rake and clear of debris.

We recommend using Wessex Lawn & Turf Seeding Topsoil for the best base for establishing your grass, laid at a 10cm depth.

Once your soil has been placed, water this around 2 days before you plan to lay your turf. It's best to lay your turf on a warm day (not a hot day). As your turf will need lots of watering in the days after it has been laid, it doesn't matter if it rains afterwards.

We recommend laying your first roll of turf along the longest straight edge, starting in the middle, working your way out.

Wessex Turf should be laid in a 'brick' fashion, off-setting each roll. This ensures the turf will not dry out.

Always push the turf into the next turf joint carefully using your thumbs, ensuring they are fully butted together. You will see them knit together nicely.

Make sure you don't walk across freshly laid turf, try using a wooden plank or knealing board instead.

If any small gaps occur over time between the turf joints, you can fill them in using a loamy topsoil.

Use a knife or a hack saw to cut away corners of the turf that aren't needed.

Add some Wessex Soil to any exposed outer edges of the turf to prevent these from drying out.

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Garden Design with Wessex Turf

Creating your ideal garden can be a stressful process and that is why we have gathered some easy-to-implement ideas that will hopefully make your life a little easier.

  • You can purchase decorative stones from our vast collection to create a border around your turf, which will not only add colour and texture to your garden but will also give the area some dimension and create a soft divide between the soft and hard landscaping. Our Decorative Stones range comes in a wide range of colours and sizes therefore you can make your border a garden feature that will enhance the area.
  • We supply an ever-growing range of Natural and Porcelain Paving slabs that you can use to create the popular design, - garden stepping stones that will enable you to create a whimsical walkway across your turf. With our expanding range of Natural Indian Paving and Porcelain Paving, you will be able to colour coordinate the stepping stones to the rest of your garden.
  • Water Features are a simple and effective way to add more character to your garden. A great way to add some pizzazz to your garden is to maybe place a water feature right in the centre of your lawn area, creating a focal point. With Stone Zone’s range of Water Features, you can purchase one depending on how big or small your garden is.


Click Here to read my tips on How to Maintain Your Turf Grass! Call our friendly team on 01202 874207 for more information!