Garden Edging Ideas

Whether you're in the middle of your garden project and you're wanting something to add that professional, finish touch, or whether you completed your garden project a while ago, and are wanting something to tidy and divide your garden features; Garden Edging might be the solution for you!

CORE Edging

Our range of CORE Flexible Edging is available in a variety of different colours, finishes and heights, so you can find the right one for you. This is the most versatile and stylish edging we offer, and has a multitude of uses.

Benefits of CORE Edging

  • Can easily be installed around curved edges
  • Creates a sleek and professional edges
  • High quality 1.6mm steel material
  • Available in multiple finishes
  • Available in multiple height sizes 

Tidying Grass Edges

Have you just laid some of our best-selling Turf Grass? If the edges of this grass is visible, it opens it up to drying out and 'sagging', but it also doesn't look great to look at. For that reason, we would recommend installing CORE Flexible Garden Edging to hide the edges of the grass and create a seamless finish. 

Or, maybe you have installed Artificial Grass in your garden a while ago and aren't enjoying looking at loose edges... CORE Edging will define those edges of your fake grass and enhance the contrast between your grass and the garden feature it sits next to. The great thing about CORE Edging pieces is that they are completely flexible to go around any curves you may have within your lawn.

Neat Pathways

If you have an area running through your front or back garden which is used as a pathway, perhaps it is filled with something eye-catching, yet comfortable, such as 20mm Golden Gravel, CORE Edging is great for lining the edges of your pathway and separating it from whatever feature you have installed either side of the pathway. 

As well as keeping your decorative stones separate from your surrounding garden features for practical reasons, it also provides a smart divide between the two to create a lovely contrast between the two. 

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We stock Sleepers of different varieties so you can choose the best one for you; Rustic Rounded Sleepers, Pine Sleepers and Oak Sleepers. As well as being great for use as a raised plant bed or border, they also make for cost-effective edging in your garden.

Benefits of Sleepers

  • Can be easily hand-sawn
  • Can be stained or painted to desired colour
  • Sustainably sourced and FSC Certified
  • Can be built up to desired height

Tidying Garden Borders

Due to their natural material, many people like the idea of using Sleepers for their garden borders, whether they are plant borders or vegetable borders. If your borders contain a Topsoil or maybe something like Woodland Mulch, Sleepers make the perfect material to edge these borders neatly without disturbing the PH levels of your soil. 

Sleepers are really easy for Landscapers to install around your garden borders or plant beds, even if they have been there for a while. They are easy to dig into the ground, with their heavy weight not requiring much fixing. As an added option, you could even paint these before installation to a colour that will really stand out. 

Separating steps

When your Landscaper installs steps into your garden using paving slabs such as Sandstone Paving, or Decorative Stones, see if they can incorporate Sleepers into these steps around the edges of these steps. This is one of the sturdiest materials you can opt for, and will safely secure your steps in place, as well as making them look great.

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Porcelain Cobble Setts

Ideal for those having a new garden patio installed, our Porcelain Cobble Setts look amazing against any of our Porcelain Paving options. We even have matching Cobble Setts for some of our Sienna Porcelain Paving range. They can also be used to border other stunning garden features too.  

Benefits of Porcelain Cobble Setts

  • Vitrified and rectified for consistent thickness
  • Six different colours to choose from
  • Lightweight to handle and easy to install
  • Long-lasting; algae and frost resistant

Porcelain Paving Borders

If you're considering a new garden patio, consider how you'd like the edges 'finishing off.' While some people enjoy have just the Porcelain tiles laid with no border, we always think adding a border makes it look extra special. With the variety of colours we have to offer, you could opt for matching Cobble Setts or Cobble Setts of a completely different colour for a nice contrast. 

Lawn Borders

We have also seen customers use our Porcelain Cobble Setts to border other luxurious garden features such as Artificial Grass or Grass Turf. This allows you to be really creative with the colour setts you choose, as you could also try and match them in with other features in your garden.

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Block Paving and Cobble Setts

Likewise to Porcelain Cobble Setts, our Block Paving is great for creating edging borders around Sandstone or Limestone Paving in particular. With three popular colours available in this range, these are for more of a rustic-looking garden patio that enjoys lots of natural character.

Benefits of Block Paving

  • Three popular colours available
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Varying shades throughout for a natural look
  • Matching Limestone Paving available 

When deciding to border your garden patio that consists of natural stone paving, you'll want to do these steps at the same time. As aforementioned, creating a border around your paving slabs makes for a much more professional look, especially if you're matching your block paving to your limestone paving.

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Bullnose Edging

Also made from natural stone such as Sandstone and Limestone, which has then been sawn for a stunning, smooth finish, is our Bullnose Edging. With five beautiful colour options, these all match our current, Premium Sawn Sandstone range. Our Bullnose Edging is a great option for also creating the sort of stylish patio you'd see on holiday by the pool.

Benefits of Bullnose Edging

  • Calibrated for consistent thickness
  • Five colours available 
  • Highly luxurious finish
  • Matching Sawn Paving available 

Raised Paving Edging

Bullnose Edging is most commonly used for garden patios which are slightly raised from ground level, or have steps going down from the paving. With the rounded edges, it nicely finishes your patio off without 'harsh' straight edges. It's also great if you've installed paving slabs around a pool, as it smooths the edges of between the patio and the pool, making for a more comfortable and more aesthetically pleasing edge.

Our Bullnose Edging is available to view or purchase in-store, please visit one of our depots to see the range. 

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