Top Stay-Cation Tips

What with the latest Government announcement regarding holidays, there has been a recent surge in people trawling the internet for Stay-Cation ideas. For that reason, we have compiled some ideas and top tips on how you can create a Stay-Cation to remember in your own home country!

1. The Kitchen Garden

The trend of transforming your garden into the 'extra room' is expanding much further - lots of people are getting into different outdoor cooking methods, whether it's being King of the BBQ or Queen of the Pizza Oven.

Eating al fresco is something us Brits love doing, so plan ahead this Summer and think of the food you and your family enjoy the most. Is it beautifully BBQ'd burgers? Or fresh, crispy pizza? Or maybe it's just toasting marshmallows on the fire! 

Investing in garden furniture such as tables, chairs and a form of outdoor cooking could really make the difference when all you want to do is be out in the Summer sun. 

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2. Make your Garden Paradise

There's lots of ways we can tweak our garden space and make the most of each area. If you've long since neglected your garden, then now is the time to think about what you'd like to see in it. 

Planting more flowers is a great way to brighten up your garden. Garden Centres such as Dobbies stock a wide variety of scented and non-scented blooms that will make your garden a joy to be in. For best growing results, take a look at our Rolawn Soil and Mulches range here or try our BS3882 Soil.  

A popular addition to gardens is Decorative Stone; we sell a huge variety of stone to make your garden look and feel like you're in the middle of the Caribbean or in a rocky beach somewhere. Try our Rockery or Boulders for a really exotic feel. 

3. Invest in Keeping Cool

Yes that's right - fun shade! If you've got a young family, shade is really important for the little ones to stay cool. The easiest thing you can do is buy an umbrella and place it where the kids can play, this will keep harmful rays off your children's skin. 

And if you're out buying plants, you might want to look at small, semi-mature trees to use as shade. You could opt for some tropical trees to give it that paradise feel!

Lastly... you can't go wrong with a paddling pool! Kids can have hours of fun in a small pool filled with water - and it's another great way of keeping them cool. As well as a paddling pool, take a look at some fun toys they can play with when they're in there, to encourage them to play longer!  

4. Go on Adventures

No matter what county you live in, you can always rely on there being something exciting around the corner! You may have to look further afield to find something you haven't done before, but making a list of activities is a great way to incorporate something you all want to do, especially if you have a big family!

The key tip is to get that holiday feeling, no matter what, even if it means driving 25 miles down to the beach or splashing out on a big meal somewhere!  

5. Relax, Relax, Relax!

As well as all the fun stuff above; making your garden look and feel like the best Summer party destination, it's also important to switch off and 're-charge', just as you would if you were abroad. It's more difficult to relax while you're at home and you don't have the room service or readily cooked food the hotel would offer you, so making a conscious effort to do so is important. 

Think about the things you could incorporate into your garden to help you relax, is it a new book? Is it some headphones and a chilled playlist? Or maybe you want to upgrade your sun lounger into a swinging hammock to push the boat out!

We hope you all enjoy a safe and relaxing holiday no matter what you choose to do!

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