Protecting your Patio over Winter

We hate to say it, but Winter is almost here and the frost is slowly starting to creep up on us. With the night sky appearing earlier and the temperatures dropping, our garden isn’t usually the first place we think of relaxing after a long day of work. If you have a patio in your garden, whether it’s porcelain, sandstone, slate or granite, you might want to start thinking of the best ways to protect it over Winter, so there’s less maintenance come the Spring, and so it stays safe over the icy months.

Tip #1

Fill existing cracks

This preventative measure can stop these cracks getting worse over Winter, which they will if it is icy weather. When there is rainfall and a frost afterwards, this can lead to the cracks become a lot worse than they were before, which isn’t what you want to discover when the Winter has passed.

A simple way of filling in cracks is using Azpects EasyJoint. If you used EasyJoint to joint your current patio slabs together, you may even have some of this left. As long as you filled the tub by 10cm to keep the product wet, this can be used as and when you need it.

Because EasyJoint is cement free it won’t leave any marks on your patio, it’s also resistant to freeze-thaw cycles and forms a solid joint that prevents weed and plant growth.

If you haven’t already got any EasyJoint, you can buy this from any of our stores, click here to see more information.

Tip #2

Invest in an awning

A patio’s worst enemy during the Winter is rain. In cold weather, water will quickly freeze, making the paving even more slippery and very dangerous to walk across, it also makes it easier for mosses and algae to grow and spread.

An awning is a protective sheet that pulls out and covers you from the rain – often used at cafes and outdoor bars. This is also good for providing shade in the Summer. They’re actually fairly easy to fix above patio doors and can be bought for less than you’d expect.

Tip #3

Seal your patio

We have two products in the Azpects range which will provide great protection from water penetration and erosion which is more common over the Winter.

Easy Seal – SSP (Stone Sealer and Protector)

This will impede moss and fungal growth, as well as creating a strong and long-lasting protective layer on either natural or concrete paving. This is also environmentally friendly and 100% water based – No toxic substances. This product can be easily applied with a roller as seen above.

Easy Seal – Contract

This has been specifically designed with the professional contractor in mind. It seals and protects all types of concrete including Block paving, Raw concrete, Paving slabs, Pattern Imprinted Concrete (PIC) and Garage floors.

It penetrates deep into the substrate and delivers excellent oil and water repellent qualities, ensuring the surface is protected from a variety of staining substances. The hard wearing finish enhances the surface colour and extends the life of the substrate. Application is easy – simply apply to the surface with a roller. Applying additional coats increases the protection level and applies a greater sheen to the surface.

Both of these products can be bought in any of our stores. If you need any more information on sealing patios or protecting your patio over Winter, call our friendly customer advisors on 01202 874207.


Awning – <a href=””>House photo created by kstudio