NEW Weathered Porcelain Paving

Yes you read it right... Porcelain Paving that has a weathered look! Porcelain Paving is increasingly becoming the most popular choice when it comes to patios, so we've defied the traditions of smooth, porcelain paving and become stockists of a more rustic, natural-looking version of this. 

The range is called Travertine and it marks our first ever weathered porcelain paving. This range enjoys all the usual properties of traditional porcelain paving, and gets its weathered, rustic look from being rectified and then distressed to bring out all of its natural beauty. 

Travertine Porcelain Paving

  • Non-Slip with R11 Skid Value
  • Stunning, Textured Finish
  • High Quality - 20mm Thickness

Available Colours


Grey is by far the most popular colour of 2021 when it comes to both home decor and outdoor spaces. Our Silver Travertine is a lovely combination of greys and silvers, with a textured surface and weathered edges for a a natural-looking and rustic finish. 

Size available: Patio Packs containing sizes 880mm x 590mm, 590mm x 590mm and 290mm x 590mm. 

Price: £39.99 per sqm (ex. vat)

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An all-time classic colour which has always been popular in gardens due to its warm tones is beige. Our Beige Travertine offers a textured surface that consists of cream and warm beige tones for that perfect patio, whether its for a garden or even a courtyard - the weathered edges guarantee something a bit different. 

Size available: Patio Packs containing sizes 880mm x 590mm, 590mm x 590mm and 290mm x 590mm.

Price: £39.99 per sqm (ex. vat)

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How to lay Travertine

Travertine can be laid in a random order, as it consists of a mixture of sizes, but you can use the below laying guide for best results and to ensure you make the most of every tile which comes in the pack.

The Travertine range can be purchased in quantities of 5 square metres online and as little as 1 square metre in-store. 

Our Travertine range is on display at our Ferndown depot!