Front Garden Ideas and Inspiration

Create your ideal front garden!

Now that we are fully into the new year, there is no better time than now to deck out and redecroate your front garden. Whether you want to create a functional driveway or wow your guests with feature areas, we have some ideas to inspire you to create your dream front garden.

We have selected 7 of our favourite front garden designs to give you some ideas and inspiration for your own perfect front garden.

The Golden Traditional

If you’re fond of classic and traditional styles, consider decorating your front garden with gravel to add some colour and texture to the area. Golden Gravel, one of our best-sellers, is the perfect addition to your garden to create a warm atmosphere at the forefront of your house. The Golden Gravel is safe to park your cars on, making it ideal for your driveway.

View Golden Gravel Here

A Polished Finish

For a beautiful, polished look, you may want to consider Resin Bound Aggregates. With over 30 colours to choose from or to create your own bespoke blend, you will be able to create a front garden that is completely your own. Please also be aware that resin bound aggregates do need to be installed by professionals. 

View Resin Bound Aggergates Here

A Reliable and Structured Home

For a simple yet reliable design for your front garden, block paving is the way to go. Available in various different styles, they give off a structured and uniformed look to any front garden. If you are going for a look that speaks more symmetry, function and form, block paving is the perfect fit for your front garden. Block paving are also ideal for a driveway as they are durable and safe for cars to be parked on.

View Block Paving Here

A Sleek Entrance

For a sleek design, look no further than porcelain paving. Whether you want to choose light colours for a bright look or darker colours for a chicer look, we have a large variety to offer in order to design a perfect front garden for you. Porcelain paving are the ideal choice if you’re fond of a glossier and luxurious finish.

View Porcelain Paving Here

Beautiful, Low Maintenance Garden

For a low-maintenance yet put-together front garden, artificial grass is the best option. Paired with sandstone paving for a hint of colour and warmth, a design like the one you see above is ideal for a cosy, stress free front garden. We have a range of artificial grasses to fit any decorative needs.

View Artificial Grass Here

Structured Sleeper Space

Oak sleepers are perfect if you want to give your front garden some dimension and structure. Sleepers are very versatile as they can be used to create levels, borders and steps around your garden. If you have a green thumb, sleepers are also ideal for growing flowers. As shown in the picture above, with pine sleepers paired with Scottish cobbles (or another variety of cobbles) you are able to crate lovely feature or seating areas to highlight the entrance of your house.

View Sleepers Here

Wow Factor Feature

We have a wide range of decorative stones, whether you want a brighter front garden with white or cream stones or a more striking entrance with black or purple hues, you can choose the style of decorative stone that suits your front garden the best. Decorative stones are perfect if you want to jazz up your garden and use them to create borders and feature areas.

View Decorative Stones Here

Coming soon! Look out for our Outdoor Living range for even more features for your garden!