DIY: How To Make Your Garden Budget Go Further

By: Erin Lorde

Whilst we all love to have a beautiful garden where we can unwind and escape the chaos of everyday life, spend time with friends and family or simply spend time outdoors, we’re not all keen on the potential cost and effort involved.

But you don’t have to settle for an average garden if you’re on a limited budget.

With a touch of creativity, know-how and the right gardening tools, you can create the perfect calming space filled with an abundance of flowers, vegetables or even fruit, without breaking the bank. You can even add unique features to your outdoor space that transform it into a space you love!

Here are some inspiring ideas…

1. Use preloved items

Save money and be more eco-friendly by upcycling old glass jam jars, tin cans and other unwanted items into gorgeous planters for your garden.

Simply remove the label, give them a good wash to remove any residue then leave it to dry. Then you can drill or poke some holes into the bottom for drainage and they’re ready to fill with your favourite plants.

With a touch of paint and creativity, you can transform them into a cute feature that everyone will want to copy!

2. Learn how to take cuttings

If you want new plants but you don’t want to spend money, learn how to take cuttings. It’s an easy process that doesn’t require years of experience and you can take cuttings from most plants in your garden.

This usually involves finding a stem of new growth and cutting off the top few centimetres. Remove the bottom leaves and place them into a pot of compost. Cover with a plastic bag to increase humidity, hold in place with a plastic bag and wait until it grows new roots.

Voila! A brand-new plant for your garden that costs absolutely zero!

TIP: It’s always worth doing a quick Google search of the plant you’ve chosen before you start to check whether it has any special requirements.

3. Make a wooden pallet garden

If you want to create a unique addition to your garden but don’t want to spend much, grab yourself a wooden pallet or two, find some essential supplies and make yourself some upcycled furniture or planters.

These often get thrown away and you can often find them for free from your local supermarket, building site or local recycling centre.

All you’ll need is some sandpaper, a hammer and nails and the paint or varnish of your choice to start creating. Add some soft furnishings, soil or plants and you can create whatever your heart desires.

Will you make garden benches, shelves, a coffee table, raised beds, a compost bin or wall planters? The choice is yours!

For a complete guide on How to Create a Pallet Herb Planter, click here.

4. Get seed savvy

Although seeds don’t cost a bomb, they can soon add up, especially if you’re buying organic or rare plants.

Save money and discover new plants or varieties by swapping with friends and family or joining a seed swap.

These run across the UK- just in touch by searching your location and the words ‘seed swap’. You can also find several groups on Facebook that help connect you with a bounty of seeds for your garden. Why not look up UK Plant/Seed Swap or Seed Swap UK and see what’s on offer?

If you’re clever about it, you can also save the seeds from your own plants. Just harvest when the seed heads are dry and brown, put them in a bag and seal then shake the bag to release the seeds. Collect them, store them somewhere cool and dry and label them so you know what they are. Easy!

5. Start composting

The cost of buying compost can soon add up, so why not make your own instead?

Make a compost bin from wooden pallets or even an old plastic storage bin, place it in the shade then start adding your kitchen scraps like fruit and vegetable peelings and egg shells.

For best results, top up with wood, leaves, cardboard and paper, turn with a fork every month and enjoy your nutrient-rich, free compost in about six months or so. It’s eco-friendly, cheap and will ensure your plants get the best possible conditions to thrive. 

6. Build a fire pit

What better way to turn up the cosy, add atmosphere and fall back in love with your outdoor space than building your own DIY fire pit? You can build whatever shape, size and style you want as long as you have enough space and it doesn’t need to cost you a bomb!

To get started, clear a space and dig a small space for your fire. Then line the edges with dry stones or bricks (granite, marble and slate work best) and you’re ready to enjoy it.

Just make sure it’s away from wooden structures like fences and that gorgeous wooden pallet furniture you created, keep your fire under control and watch those kids! 

As you can see, you don’t have to spend big to keep your garden looking gorgeous. There are so many cheap ways to spruce your garden up. As well as being budget-friendly, it’s also just a great DIY project to get stuck into!

To find out how easy it is to make your own firepit, click here.




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