BRAND NEW Water Features!

Water Features

There is nothing more peaceful and calming than the sound of flowing water, and if you want to create a garden that will exude peace and tranquillity then consider getting yourself a water feature.

Water Features are an excellent accessory to keep in your garden because it works as a centrepiece that will definitely impress your guests and become a topic of conversation.

Depending on what kind of garden you have and what kind of atmosphere you want to create, there are a wide range of water features available that will cater to more classic gardens or some that are more suited to modern ones. They also come in different colours so you can choose a darker colour for a more monochromatic look or a brightly coloured one for a pop of colour.

Our HUGE Range of Water Features

Atlas Falls Water Feature

This is our top-of-the range Water Feature that will really add the wow-factor to your garden! Measuring an impressive 2 metres in height, this is for the garden wanting a large statement piece!

  • Aesthetic Centre Piece
  • Emulating natural rock formations
  • LED lights
  • Dimensions H 2010mm x W 870mm x D 700mmm

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Blade Water Feature

The Blade Water Feature is one of our most luxurious and all-consuming water features. With the water flowing in a criss-cross formation, it creates a unique centre piece that will grab everyone's attention.

  • Large centrepiece
  • Innovative criss-cross water flow
  • Dimensions: H 1500mm x W 1070mm x D 700mm

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Como Springs Water Feature

The compact but no less effective Como Springs is the ideal water feature if you have a small garden or balcony. It has a beautiful design imitating rock formations and will look beautiful in bother domestic and commercial settings.

  • Emulating natural rock
  • Smaller in size, fit for smaller gardens
  • Dimensions: H 540m x W 490mm x D 490mm
  • With LED

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Cotswolds Sun Water Feature

The brightly coloured Cotswolds Sun Water Feature is a an excellent feature if you want to add a pop of colour and a talking point to your garde. The bright gold colour will look good during the summer season but will also brighten your surroundings during winter.

  • Pop of colour
  • Affordable pricing
  • Dimensions: H 770m x D 710mm
  • Hand-painted

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The silver Mystrious Moon definitely lives up to its name. If you prefer centrepieces that are slightly muted yes still striking then the Mysterious Moon is the one for you.

Mysterious Moon Water Feature

  • Modern aesthetic
  • Smaller in size, appropriate for smaller spaces
  • Dimensions: H 770m x W 710mm x D 710mm

The Solitary Pour Water Feature is perfect for those who want an understated and portable water feature that will look lovely both indoors and outdoors! If you are looking for something that is not dramatic but will still add the tranquiity and calmness of a large water feature then the Solitary Pour is the one to go for.

Solitary Pour Water Feature

  • Integrated LED lights
  • Very modern style
  • Dimensions: H 650m x W 430mm x D 510mm
  • Appropriate for both large and small gardens

The Spiral Showers Water Feature, as the name suggests, is shaped ina unique spiral shape which adds a lot of depth and texture to your garden. In a rustic yet chic lught grey colour, it will work excellently as a feature piece in your garden.

Spiral Showers Water Feature

  • Unique spiralized design
  • Light grey for a minimalist look
  • Dimensions: H 800m x W 400mm x D 400mm
  • LED integrated

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The Tranquil Spills Water Feature is a luxurious and large Water Feature that will be a statement piece no matter where it is installed. With a height of 135cm, it is most appropriate for large areas where it can be used a centre piece that will ad, as per its name, tranquility and class to your surroundings.

Tranquil Spills Water Feature

  • Emulates natural stone with green hues
  • Unique ‘layered’ design
  • Dimensions: H 1350mm x W 950mm x D 390mm
  • Appropriate as a centrepiece

Click Here to Watch Tranquil Spills in motion!

Why Invest In A Water Feature

1. Reduce noise pollution

As mentioned before, the sound of water can be incredibly calming, but an additional benefit of the sound of water is that it will drown out other sound pollution. You will find this particularly helpful if you live in a busy area or in an area near a main road, by having a water feature, they will reduce the sounds of other unpleasant noises which will hopefully keep your environment peaceful and lead to a better night's sleep.

2. Invite more wildlife

Many wildlife is attracted to bodies of water, so by having a water feature in your garden, you will often find songbirds and other wild life in your garden! You will always have a range of wildlife in your garden making it a natural haven.

3. Works in big and small gardens

Because water features are available in a wide range of sizes you do not need a big garden in order to have a water feature. Even with small gardens you can have an appropriately sized water feature that can work as the feature piece of your garden. 

How it Works

Mains Powered Water Feature

To ensure the lights are always looking their best and shining brightly, this water feature is mains powered.

Included in this Water Feature package is a 9 metre, low voltage, a garden-grade cable that is completely weather-proof, making it ideal for use in commercial and domestic applications.

These Water Features also include a 12v transformer to reduce power consumption for power lighting.

The ON/OFF buttons ensure you can choose when you'd like the lights to come on to ensure you're not wasting any electricity.  

This water feature includes the water pump kit, so all you need to do is fill the machine with water and the pump will do the rest. 

Maintaining Your Water Feature

The manufacturer recommends taking your water feature inside during the Winter months, storing it inside a shed or garage is enough to protect it from the colder elements.

When temperatures start reaching a freezing point, ensure all the water has been drained, as frozen water in the feature can cause damage.

Every few months, clean the pump to ensure debris isn't building up which will cause blockages.

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