Introducing Commercial Porcelain Paving Range

Commercial Porcelain Paving Range

We are delighted to show you our brand-new Porcelain Paving range, perfect for those who want to achieve a luxurious look for their garden without breaking the budget. Newly added to our Porcelain Paving collection, the Commercial Range consists of the Terrazano, Dakota and Rasa Collection, all 3 collections boast modern, sleek Porcelain Paving slabs that will help create your dream garden.

As with all the Porcelain Paving, we supply, these patio slabs at R11 are non-slip skid grade, making them appropriate for being used in commercial areas or areas near water – like poolsides without worrying about safety. All these patio slabs are also frost and stain resistant and are long-lasting and durable.

Alongside the Commercial Porcelain Paving slabs, don't forget to browse through our range of Paving Grout, we are proud suppliers of both Azpects and Villafix and Joint-It. Furthermore, check out our Paving Slurry Primer to give your paving slabs all the necessary support.

Terrazzano Porcelain Paving Slabs

The first collection that is a part of our Commercial Range is our Terrazzano Range. This range has been specifically designed to look fantastic in both domestic and commercial areas and boasts durability and longevity, making it ideal for areas that get heavy foot-traffic or large families. This collection contains 3 classic shades with circular markings that will allow you to create a wide variety of garden designs. All 3 shades are monotone colours and will pair very well with a wide spectrum of colours, giving you many options to play around with.

Available in Sizes:

600mm x 600mm x 20
900m x 600mm x 20mm 

Terrazzano Blanco

The Terrazzano Blanco is a very light grey, almost white porcelain garden slab. These slabs are ideal for those who want to create a minimalist yet modern look in your garden. These slabs will look particularly lovely during day time when the tiles reflect sunlight and look even more luminous. These white porcelain patio slabs will pair perfectly with dark or wood-effect garden features.

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Terrazzano Grey

Grey Garden slabs have long been a favourite amongst modern gardens due to their effective yet understated look. The Terrazzano Grey patio tiles are no different. If you are looking for a contemporary, chic garden that will look great no matter the season then the Terrazzano Grey is the best option for you.

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Terrazzano Black

If you are a fan of darker colours and want your garden to give off a fancy, chic vibe, then the Terrazzano Black can help you achieve that look. With a dark grey colour with patterns of lighter shades, the Terrazzano Black, and the other 2 shades, exude an almost marble-like look that will look chic no matter the setting.

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Dakota Porcelain Garden Slabs

The Dakota Porcelain Paving range will take you back to the basics. If you are looking for luxurious porcelain paving that will last for years while elevating both your indoor and outdoor space, then the Dakota range is the one for you. This range boasts 3 classic colours, Beige, Grey and Black. All of these colours are popular choices for modern households and are very easy to work with as they pair well with almost all types of colour pallets.

Available in Sizes:

12mm x 600mm x 20mm

Dakota Beige

The Dakota Beige is exactly as it states on the tin, a beautiful, soft Beige porcelain tile, they are perfect for those who want to create a calm, sedated look for their garden while still looking fancy and put-together. Beige Porcelain tiles are an excellent way to create a Mediterranean look in your garden and will look especially beautiful during summer.

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Dakota Grey

No collection is complete without a signature Grey Porcelain Paving slab, and the Dakota Grey is an exceptional Grey Porcelain patio slab that will instantly elevate your garden or home and create a contemporary atmosphere.

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Dakota Black

For a sleek, modern look you can’t go wrong with Black Porcelain Paving slabs. The Dakota Black is a dark grey porcelain garden slab, that blends excellently with a wide range of garden features such as water features, BBQs, CORE Screens and more! If you are not a fan of bright colours and want paving tiles that will make a statement then the Dakota Black is your best option.

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Rasa Porcelain Patio Slabs

If you are aiming for luxury and extravagance, and want a garden that looks like it came out of a magazine, then the Rasa range can help you achieve that look. The Rasa range contains 3 opulent shades: Beige, Grey, and Nero; all 3 of these patio slabs will enable you to design a garden that is both aesthetically pleasing but also long-lasting and durable. These patio slabs have been carefully developed to ensure that they can be installed in both domestic and commercial areas, we think these slabs will look great in areas such as outdoor dining areas or office receptions, creating an excellent first impression.

Available in Sizes:

900mm x 600mm x 20mm
1200m x 600mm x 20mm 

Rasa Beige

The Rasa Beige is ideal for creating a bright and warm look in your garden. If you fancy a garden that will add warmth and texture to your garden, making it a perfect place for lounging and relaxing, then the Rasa Beige is a great option. Beige Porcelain Paving tiles pair very well with both dark and light-coloured garden features, alongside natural features as well such as wooden sleepers.

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Rasa Grey

For a modern, young household, you can’t go wrong with Grey Porcelain paving slabs. With markings spread throughout in lighter shades, creating a marbled effect, you will be hard-pressed to find paving that will enhance your garden the way Rasa Grey can. The Rasa Grey will look excellent with both black and white furniture, as grey falls between those two shades, it will pair seamlessly with both, it all depends on whether you want the brightness of white furniture or something a bit more muted with black furniture.

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Rasa Nero

Finally, the Rasa Nero is the optimal choice for those who enjoy a minimalist but with a dash of luxury. If you want to create a contrasting monochromatic look then using white or light grey furniture will look excellent; on the other hand, if you want to create a sleek all-black look.

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