5 Reasons To Choose Composite Cladding

Composite Cladding has become a favourite amongst many modern households and we can see why. With them being more durable and a more economical option, we are not surprised to see that they are loved by both landscapers and homeowners. You can even visit our depots to see the Cladding that are on display face to face!

1. Durable

When compared to real wood cladding, Composite Cladding is much more durable as they are made of wood fibre and plastic. So, if you are looking for some cladding that is going to last a very long time without you having to worry about changing it frequently, then Composite Cladding is the best option for you.
What makes Composite Cladding perfect for a modern household is that they are weather-resistant, be it rain or shine, nothing will happen to them. They are also resistant to rotting, warping, splintering and discolouration. That means no matter the climate where you live, you need not constantly worry about the state of your cladding.

2. Emulates Real Wood

We know that many homeowners really enjoy the classic and elegant look of real wood cladding, however, that is not always possible because more often than not, real wood cladding is more expensive and less durable, when compared to Composite.
With the range of composite cladding that we stock at Stone Zone, they perfectly imitate the wood effect, so you are able to get the best of both worlds, durable high-quality cladding that looks natural and classic.
You are also able to get a better variety of colours and designs with Composite Cladding as they are manufactured, therefore there’s more control as to how they can look as opposed to natural wood cladding.

3. Low Maintenance

Nobody wants to spend their free time and weekends doing home maintenance, and this is why Composite Cladding is the perfect addition to your home as it requires very little taking care of. Ideal for those who don’t have the time or desire to spend time upkeeping their cladding. Composite Cladding does not require the same amount of maintenance as real wood because they don’t need regular staining, oiling, sanding, varnishing or painting. So, as you can see, all you really need to do to your Composite Cladding is to give it a good wiping down every few months so you can get rid of any dirt and debris.

4. Extra Protection

Not only is the Cladding aesthetically pleasing, making your garden seem more modern and chicer, but it also simultaneously adds extra protection to your home and garden. Most notably, Composite Cladding is good for insulation, fire-resistant and water-resistant. If you are using Composite Cladding within your home, the extra insulation will prove to be a great help, especially during the winter months. The cladding is fire and water-resistant means you can rest assured that your safety won’t be compromised once they have been installed. Being water-resistant also means that the cladding will not be affected by mildew, an added bonus.

Composite Cladding at your Bournemouth Depot

5. Eco-Friendly

Finally, Composite cladding is an eco-friendly option for your home, if you want to go for a more environmentally friendly route. Composite Cladding has a much lower carbon footprint as opposed to other materials.
Many of the Cladding we supply are made from HDPE Plastic, meaning 280 plastic milk bottles are used per square meter and end-of-life FSC® 100% certified timber. Not only does this give your Cladding a natural wood grain, but it also means that all of the materials used to create this product have been reused and therefore significantly lowering their negative environmental impact.
Using such materials also means that they are free from harmful and hazardous material and therefore perfect for your family home.

Buy Composite Cladding for your home to create a modern and fancy look!