Wimborne First School’s Magical Pebble Pathway

This year, as part of Wimborne First School’s Summer home learning activity, they have set the children a challenge of painting their very own pebble over the Summer holidays. They envision the pebble pathway to look something like the above photo; suggesting children use water proof paint to create their own, unique, bright pattern to really make the pathway magical.

A couple of weeks ago, we set aside a bulk bag of smooth, 80 – 120 mm pebbles for their caretaker, Mr Best, to take as many stones needed for the pupils at the school.

Once he’d taken the pebbles, the teachers wrote each pupil’s name on them, so they had their very own stone to decorate just how they’d like to.

It’s fair to say the children are very excited to have their own pebble to paint over the Summer holidays and know that it will then be set as part of the magical pathway leading to their wildlife area!

When the children and their colourful stones return, Mr Best will varnish the pebbles and begin to set them into the ground, so watch this space for more photos as soon as the magical pathway is complete – we can’t wait!

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