VillaFix Brush-In Grout

VillaFix Brush-In Grout

As one of the largest Builder's Merchants in the South of the UK, we proudly supply a wide range of both Paving and high-quality Paving Grout in a multitude of colours. 

New to our expanding Landscaping range is the VillaFix Brush-in Grout; a 'first of its kind' now available to the market at a great value price that doesn't compromise on quality!

This revolutionary, cementitious Brush-In Grout is very quick and easy to apply; with no mixing required and minimal equipment needed. 

This jointing compound is hard-wearing and high in quality; suitable for both domestic and commercial use, and able to withstand a substantial amount of car traffic. 

As well as being high in quality, this paving grout is also environmentally-friendly in the sense that in doesn't contain any resin or polymers. It also goes a long way as you just need to add water to the product, and any remaining compound you have left can be sealed and stored for re-use. 

As this is cementitious grout, this means the joints will be impermeable. This makes for a long-lasting, mould and grime free garden patio that you can admire for years to come. Your Landscaper will ensure that your paving is laid at a slightly angle which will ensure any rain runs off the paving and doesn't cause risks of flooding. You might also want to add a drainage area around your garden paving such as Decorative Stones. 

VillaFix Brush-in Grout is available to buy in two different colours; Flint and Anthracite. Flint is a mid-grey colour that works really well with white or light grey paving. Anthracite is a dark grey, almost black colour that also works well with grey paving for a nice contrast. 

How to Buy VillaFix Brush-in Grout 

This product can be purchased as a 12.5kg tub

You can buy VillaFix Brush-in Grout online and in-store from any of our depots in Ferndown, Bournemouth or Dorchester

Sample swatch colours are available in-store

Available colours: 

Click here to see the product: VillaFix Brush-In Grout, Flint

Click here to see the product: VillaFix Brush-In Grout, Anthracite

Coverage: One 12.5kg tub of VillaFix Brush-in Grout will cover up to 32m2, based on 900mm x 600mm paving slabs laid with a 4mm joint

How to Use VillaFix Brush-in Grout

VillaFix Brush-in Grout is a very simple product to use and a great choice for any type of garden paving. This paving grout can be installed in four simple steps, read our guide below for instructions as well as the manufacturer's top tips.

Step 1

Once you have laid your paving, ensure it is firmly fixed into place, as well as dry and clean. You can then pour your brush-in grout over the paving.

Step 2

Using a squeegee or brush, brush the grout into the joints in a gentle sweeping motion, and return unused grout to the tub. 

Step 3

Using your hosepipe on a fine mist setting, spray with water until water pools.

Step 4

Clean the residual grout using a squeegee and/or a sponge float if required.

Top Tips for using VillaFix Brush-in Grout

  • Brush in dry. Do NOT mix in the tub.
  • DO use a fine mist spray of water to avoid dislodging product.
  • DO use the right equipment for the cleaning process i.e. Washboy with rollers and sponge float.
  • DO check weather forecast before installing. Cover paved area post installation if rain is forecast within 6 hours, to avoid the rain dislodging the grout.
  • DON’T use on wet paving, excess water to be removed from the paving and allowed to dry.
  • CAN be used on damp paving, natural stone must be dry, porcelain excess water to be removed.
  • DON’T install when raining.
  • Sweep in the dry grout using a soft rubber foam squeegee and a broom.
  • When joints are full, remove dry excess grout from the paving, returning excess grout to the tub.
  • Apply water using a hose set on a fine mist spray until water is pooling on the joint surface.
  • Use a Washboy to clean the paving units.
  • The joints may need topping up after watering, as the water added will push the grout into any voids in the joints.
  • Pour grout onto affected areas and repeat process.