Urban Tree Planting

Especially important in big cities and built-up areas, urban tree planting is something which is likely to rise within the next year. Like all plants, trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen which makes our towns and cities cleaner and healthier places to live.

New to our ever-growing Trade range, is our Wessex Dutch Tree Sand, often referred to as ‘Amsterdam Tree Sand’. Our Wessex Dutch Tree Sand is blended from selected local graded silica sands and organic compost, this allows tree pits to remain free draining, whilst being able to maintain heavy footfall and vehicle movements without compacting. This Dutch sand is screened to 10mm with a typical PH of 8- 8.5.

Developed in Dutch universities over thirty years ago, our Dutch Tree Sand makes the perfect growing media for planting semi-mature trees in urban environments. It allows strong root growth and development, while preventing damage to pavements and roads and resisting compaction in highly trafficked vehicle and pedestrian environments.

Poundbury Town

You may sometimes see small trees planted along roadways as you walk along the street. If you have been to Poundbury in Dorchester, you may have even seen trees planted in our very own Dutch Tree Sand! This urban extension on the outskirts of Dorchester was built in accordance to the principles of The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, and was created for sustainability and carbon neutrality. Many trees were planted in 2018, which used our blend of Wessex Dutch Tree sand, providing clean air for the residents of this town.

Government Grants

Earlier this year, environment secretary, Michael Gove, announced there would be a grant of £10m to plant over 130,000 urban trees. This grant will be made available over the next two years for tree planting in green towns and city spaces.

As part of the Urban Tree Challenge, £10m will be used over the next two years across Engalnd’s towns and cities to reach the government’s target of planting one million urban trees by 2022.

There are many benefits of these tree planting schemes; this can help reduce smog and air borne dust and pollution, provide shade and lower temperatures during the Summer, improve local biodiversity and have a positive impact on asthma symptoms. Due to the constant change in climate, planting these trees will also help build up a resilience to our towns and cities due to the carbon stored by trees.

This planting scheme will be open to individuals, charities, local authorities and NGOs, grants will fund the planting of trees and the first three years of their care to ensure the best growing success. To read more on how you can apply, click here.

Due to the climate and ecological emergency we are now facing, it was announced in June this year that the Climate Change Act will now require the UK to be ‘net zero’ by 2050.

If you are interested in getting involved in this Tree Planting scheme, or are looking for a medium to plant trees in in urban areas, we can happily show you samples of our Wessex Dutch Tree sand for you to take away. To find out more, call our Ferndown store on 01202 874207, and ask for Sally, alternatively, email us at sales@dorsetsoils.co.uk.