Things to do!

At an uncertain time where most of us are so used to getting up in the morning to an alarm and organising the day, lately our days have been somewhat disjointed. We are all going through different situations at the moment, some of us are working more, some of us are staying home and home schooling and some of us are at home and unable to work at all.

So this begs the question… what can you do to make the most of this time off?

Below are some ideas for all ages and abilities, whether you have a lot of spare time or a little.

Learn a language/ start an online course

One of the most valuable skills you can have in life is speaking more than one language. There are many apps which you can download, some which are free as well. DuoLingo is the top-rated free app, with others following such as Babbel and HelloTalk. These apps usually give you a time frame in which you can choose yourself, whether you want to learn for 10 minutes a day or an hour a day, it gives you the confidence that you can learn at your own pace.

With the benefits of more time on the laptop, this opens up opportunities to begin a new online course. Whether you want to learn a life skill or a long term career-progressing course, the internet has it all. Some are free and last a few days, and some may be a longer term investment. The Open University has many courses at different recognised levels, from foundation degree to integrated masters degrees. This will definitely impress potential employers by the end of this current climate!

Discover a new/ pre-loved hobby

When our lives get busier and busier each year, it’s so easy to forget the things you once were passionate about. Whether it’s something creative, something you used to read about or playing an instrument, why not spend some time rekindling your love for it? It’s difficult at the moment to go out and buy supplies, but some online stores are still open if you do need to order anything. If not, why not get a bit imaginative and wing it? Lots of information can be found online to help you with ideas – especially blogs and chat forums.

Or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, why not start a new one? Inspiring apps/ websites such as Pinterest or Instagram can help you get lots of fun ideas of things you can do at home. Think of all the things you have lying around, some of which you might not have even touched yet! Maybe it’s a bit of paper and some paint, maybe it’s a stack of books, or maybe there’s a half-built shed or play house sat in the garden… it’ll make you feel great to find something you’re passionate about and enjoy, and it will most definitely pass the time!

Spend some time outside

Getting back into nature has many health benefits, including mental health and physical health. If you’re lucky enough to own a garden, why not spend a couple of hours a day sat outside in the sun? Even if you’re reading a book or on the laptop, while you’re in the sun your skin is soaking up important vitamin D, while getting a bit of fresh air.

As for your one bit of exercise a day, why not walk around a nearby field or park? (If there is one). If you have a dog – even better, as that’s an excuse to get out anyway! Spend some time amongst nature, and if you have kids, challenge them to see what animals they can spot, with so many people now staying at home, the animals have started appearing more, so this could be a fun activity for you and the kids!

Get creative

This one is especially for the kids, because they are creative by nature and might even be able to give you some ideas! When our minds get restless and bored, tapping into our creative side can really help, and you’ll feel great about your creation and the kids will love it too.

You don’t have to go out and buy loads of arty things, just use what’s already in your house, or in your surroundings. Those that live near a beach could try and pick up shells and driftwood to make a beach scene, if you live near the woods or a field, you could pick up some leaves and sticks to make a woodland scene with some birds drawn on it, or if you’re limited on outdoor supplies, take a look in your cupboards, even if you can just find some pens and paper, you could set challenges of things they could make, including origami, drawings or 3D animals.

Also – Easter is coming up and there’s always plenty of things you can make such as: Easter Bunny Ears, Easter Cards and painted hard boiled eggs!

Get active

If we’re all honest, we probably don’t get the right amount of exercise in our busy day-to-day lives. If you have a few more spare hours on your hands, now could be the best opportunity to up your fitness levels. Why not set a long term goal for yourself? If you want to lose weight, set a goal weight for yourself and make it realistic, there are apps such as Fitness Pal that can helps you watch your calories and help you with weekly weight goals. You could also start doing weights and set goals for yourself – even if you don’t have weights, you could experiment with cans of soup and beans.

It doesn’t have to stop there, the kids can get involved too! Every morning at 9am, Joe Wicks does ‘P.E lessons’ for kids and grown ups which are very tough but really good for your body! These last half an hour and are a great way of keeping fit inside while occupying their minds!

What have you been doing during this crazy time? Let us know on our Facebook page, your ideas could inspire others too!