The Stone Zone's 2021 Catalogue

The wait is finally over! After a year of postponing due to COVID-19, we are proud to introduce you to our brand new, newly-designed 2021 Product Catalogue! Designed by In-House Graphic Designer, Beckie Hicks, it is our best one yet! It has inspiration, interactive features and is packed full of useful information to make the garden transformation journey as enjoyable as it should be!

Interactive Features

Throughout the entire catalogue, you'll see QR codes which look like the above. QR codes are clever barcodes which will take you to a webpage, video or social media page, just by hovering your phone over it with your camera open. You can tap to follow the link and further explore what we have to show you. 

There is a QR code on every catagory introduction page, like the above. If you want to view that particular catagory of products online, just hover your phone over it and tap to visit our website. You'll be able to see up-to-date prices and even more photos online! As well as being able to purchase these products. 

Charlie Says Hints & Tips

Our catalogue wouldn't be the same without our famous 'Charlie Says' throughout! Lookout for the grey boxes containing Charlie, who will be able to offer advice on different products, as well as help you with your decision making. 

Best-Seller Symbol

We know how helpful it is for customers to see which if our products are best-sellers, after all, they're best-sellers for a reason! Look out for the above 'Best-Seller' symbol throughout the different product ranges in the catalogue.

Stone Zone Size Guide

When looking through a catalogue or online, it's really difficult to gauge the true size of a stone, for that reason, we have included a to-scale stone size guide within the Decorative Stone section. This features a 10mm stone, 20mm stone and 40mm stone, which can be compared in size by a 5 pence, 20 pence and 50 pence coin! There is also an 80mm stone, which can be compared using a to-scale measuring tape below it. 

On this page, we also have a Stone Zone coverage calculator. If you've worked out the area you have to fill with stone, but aren't sure how much you need, this coverage calculator can work it all out for you! It contains information for the amount of 20kg maxi bags, 850kg bulk bags and 1 tonnes loads you would need for area sizes between 1 - 150 square metres!  

You'll also see our maxi bag, bulk bag and tipped tonne symbols within the decorative stone and building materials sections, this will tell you how each product can be purchased. 

Wet & Dry Symbols

For our Decorative Stone section, all of the product images can be seen as they are when wet and dry, by using our wet and dry symbols, you can see how much the colour changes under water. This is really helpful for people who are looking to incorporate particular stones within a water feature or a pond. 

Fish-Friendly Symbol

Speaking of ponds, look out for the fish-friendly symbol within the Decorative Stone range so you can be sure which stones are suitable for ponds! 

Branded Feature Pages

We sell many different well-known brands for every product range we sell! Look out for the inspiring feature pages for Brett Paving, Global Stone Paving, Joint-It, Azepcts, VillaFix, Everbuild, Rolawn, CORE Landscaping, OX Tools and more!

Feature Articles

For extra inspiration, there are a few, informative articles within our catalogue. You can read all about the up-and-coming uses of our LECA Soil as well as our Wessex® Dutch Tree Sand in the Rooftop Planting and Urban Tree Planting articles! There is also lots of information on how our deliveries work, including the range of delivery lorries we have available as well as things to consider for larger deliveries.


Within selected product pages, there are QR codes which take you straight to a video page. There is no need to log in to any app or sign up for anything, you can watch the video straight away just by using your camera! 

Page 7 is an example of this, where you can scan the QR code to watch a video tour of our popular paving range, Sienna. 


Towards the back of the catalogue, you'll find a page full of frequently asked questions. Hopefully this will answer any queries you had and give you the confidence to start planning your dream garden. But don't forget about the Live Chat we have on our website, for any other questions you might have!

Interactive Directions

At the very back of the catalogue, you'll find useful information such as contact details, social media information and the addresses of each depot. Below each address, you'll find a QR code which you can scan for it to show you where the depot is located using Google maps. Once you've scanned the QR code, just tap 'directions' and it will direct you to each depot using your location/address. 

There is also a helpful map below the QR codes for a basic illustration of where each depot is located within the area.  

Catalogue Availability

All hard copies of the catalogue will be available from Monday 12th April, the day we fully re-open for all members of the public. Catalogues are free as well as price lists, please ask a customer advisor if you would also like a price list printed along with a catalogue. 

We look forward to seeing you all again - safely - at our Ferndown, Bournemouth and Dorchester Depots!