The Ease of Easy Joint

When it comes to laying paving slabs, look no futher! Azpects have created a special formula called Easy Joint which is the original sweep-in jointing compound that can be used in all weather conditions. With tens of thousands of tubs sold every month to customers around the world, we look at why this best-selling product is so amazing.

What is Easy Joint?

Easy Joint is a specially formulated compound that is completely free of resin and cement, this makes it a permeable solution for paving joints. It comes in 12.5 kg tubs and a range of 5 different colours to perfectly colour match any natural paving.

What’s so great about it?

Environmentally Friendly

Easy Joint is SUDS compliant, meaning it is a permeable product that allows water to drain through it. This prevents the risks of floods that may be found with other jointing compounds. The product itself is also non-toxic, making it safe for wild life and pets.

Very fast to apply

Azpects claim that their product is up to 20 times faster that traditional methods of jointing paving slabs together. As the product is ready to use and just needs water adding to it, the entire process is made quick, simple and easy.

Rain or Shine – it goes in fine!

Some other jointing products need specific temperatures and weather conditions in order to be used and then left to set, this is what differentiates Easy Joint from the rest. Easy Joint can be applied in freezing conditions, in the hot sunshine or in the pouring rain – in fact, pouring rain might be better for this type of application. This adds to the versatility of the product and it’s optimised usability.

How do you use Easy Joint?

Ensure the ground conditions are free draining, allowing water to easily soak away. If the ground is low-lying and water tends to collect and never gets away, or if there is a high water table, then EASYJoint should not be used.

EASYJoint is designed to be used where paving is laid securely on a solid but permeable base. To ensure permeability, the recommended bedding mix should be no stronger than a 6:1 ratio, six parts sharp sand to one of cement.

For paving on a solid foundation, the joint dimensions should be min. 3mm wide x 25mm deep. For paving on a sand or crushed aggregate foundation; min. 3mm wide x 30mm deep. Ensure that at least the minimum gap width is maintained throughout the full depth of the paving material.

For the application:

Equipment: To apply Easy Joint, you just need a soft broom, a pointing tool and a hose with a spray nozzle.

Wet the Paving: Absolutely saturate the area to be jointed with water using a hose. The paving must be wet starting & remain soaked throughout the application process – in fact, the wetter the better. Do not shortcut this process, particularly if working with absorbent or sensitive materials such as Fossil Mint Sandstone, Modac & many Limestone types.

Work Quickly: It’s preferable for two operators to work together; one sweeping, the other using the hose. Using small quantities of EASYJoint, simultaneously spread & wash the compound across the surface using a jet of water & a broom/squeegee, allowing it to fall into the joints. Never allow EASYJoint to stand in piles or allow the paving to dry with any EASYJoint remaining on its surface.

Continuously Wash the Paving: The hose operator should alternate between following the sweeper to aid washing the compound into the joints & moving ahead of where they are working so that the paving is always wet. This is particularly important in warm/hot weather conditions. Don’t worry about using too much water – you can’t use too much!

Top up the Joints: Allow the excess water to drain away. Top up any sagging joints with more EASYJoint & repeat the washing process as described previously.

Final Wash & Clean: Apply a final gentle spray of water across the surface to both wash off any EASYJoint residue & to aid the final compaction process. This will also provide a relatively smooth & pleasing finish to the joint. Work conscientiously not to leave any grains of sand on the surface. When the water has drained away, a “flicking” motion with a clean soft hand brush (not the same one used to apply the compound) will aid the removal of any loose grains.


If you have any leftover Easy Joint, you can store it and re-use at a later date. Just add 20cm of water to the tub to ensure it is completely saturated with water.

What are the colour options?


This colour is a light brown with cool tones and subtle grey blends. This is an understated colour for paving that wants to have a seamless look to it.


A warmer shade of brown with golden, sandy tones in the mix. This colour brings out the warmth in paving slabs and is great for colour matching or creating a contrast in paving of subtler colours such as white.

Stone Grey

This features a mixture of predominantly grey colours with added sandy tones and white shades This is a more understated colour for creating a seamless finish or looks great against white.


Grey and black colours make up this shade, with some white speckles too. The colour blend of this makes it a versatile colour which can be used with browns, whites, greys and blacks.

Jet black

As stated in the name, this colour is mainly made up of black, with occasional hints of grey. This colour accentuates joints and looks great when contrasting colours like white or grey. It can also seamlessly finish any black paving.

How to buy Easy Joint

You can buy Easy Joint through the Stone Zone & Landscaping Centre. Click here to view these products online and see the pricing. All of our Easy Joint colours are stocked in our Ferndown, Bournemouth and Dorchester branches.