Spring Flower Growing Tips

British Spring time is officially here! As garden lovers are beginning to introduce more natural areas into their gardens, we have put together a growing guide for different varieties of flowers that will make your garden look blooming lovely!

Bulb Flowers

Bulbs are a well-loved variety of flower amongst Brits due to their stunning Spring colours and inexpensive cost. Bulbs aren't fussy about where they are planted or what soil they grow in, and will return year-on-year if left undisturbed. 

Popular Bulb Flowers

  • Daffodils; Great for early Spring colour
  • Snowdrops; a dainty white flower that appears in early Spring
  • Hyacinths; Beautiful flowers that come in an array of pastel colours
  • Tulips; Smart flowers available in big, bold colours

The best time to plant bulbs is late Autumn/Winter, so they are ready to bloom in Spring. To grow bulb flowers, we recommend our best-selling Wessex BS3882 Topsoil.  


This variety of flower is becoming more popular as people want to encourage bees and butterflies into their gardens. These flowers look best when planted in patches around the garden for a truly bee-utiful display.

Popular Wildflowers

  • Ox-eye Daisies; a very popular white flower that looks great amongst colourful wildflowers
  • Corn Cockle; deep pink annual flowers that bloom in the Summer
  • Corn Marigold; bright yellow flowers that look great paired with other wildflowers
  • Common Knapweed; a unique purple flower that provides seeds for birds 

You can plant wildflower seeds or plugs in September, however, it's advised to plant them in March or April to avoid water logging in Winter. 

Wildflowers like sunny spots in the garden and non-fertile soil. Use our Wessex Borders & Beds Topsoil for a nutrient-rich growing medium. 


If you're looking for blooms with a bit of height that are great for screening garden borders, flowering shrubs are a perfect choice. 

Popular Flowering Shrubs

  •  Azaleas and rhododendrons; these flowering shrubs produce striking colours in April and May that vary from whites, reds, purples and oranges.
  • Buddleia; also known as the butterfly bush, these flowers spell beautiful and look amazing in the Summer
  • Hydrangea; a very popular, large bush with big colourful flowers that bloom all through the Summer and into Autumn
  • Lavender; known for it's strong smelling flowers, this shrub blooms through Spring and Summer

Most shrubs like sunny spots in the garden and are best planted in free draining, acidic soil in the Spring, after the last frost.  

For a free-draining soil, try our Wessex Blended Loam Topsoil!

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