Somerford School Flower & Vegetable Soil Donation

Somerford Primary School are a community school based in Christchurch for children 4-11 years old. After seeing the positive impacts nature and being outdoors has had on their pupils, they are keen to implement as many fun and exciting outdoor features as possible to encourage children to get outside. They are lucky enough to have a vast expansion of land, but over the last year, Covid has made the budget very restrictive and they therefore rely solely on local donations and grants.

The Stone Zone have been more than happy to donate 1 tonne of screened soil to this Primary School to get them started on their many, exciting projects! We know first-hand the importance of being outside and connecting with nature, and as a family run business, we always look for ways to help the local community where we can - we're looking forward to seeing the results!

Topsoil for Vegetable Gardens

For each of their nine classes, the school will use this screened soil to prepare vegetable gardens for each class to be able to tend to their allotment. You can see their impressive sleeper beds which they already have on their school grounds, which will soon be filled with high quality soil, to give the vegetables the best chances of growing. 

Somerford also have this lovely Brick Circle Flower Bed which they will use the soil to plant some colourful flowers for the children to enjoy. They also have smaller boxes in which they will plant their tomatoes and their own greenhouse which they will use for growing other vegetables such as courgettes. 

A word from Somerford Primary School:

"We are very keen to make the most of the grounds and improve the outdoor areas for our children as much as we can.  We can already see the benefit that our children have when they spend more time outside and we want to maximise this. We are very keen for our children to develop a love of gardening and nature and getting them involved with our projects is a tremendous start for this."

Future Projects:

  • Tree and hedge planting including Orchard tree
  • Critter home
  • Outdoor classroom area
  • Forest schools