Small Garden Design Ideas

Here at Stone Zone, we understand that many of us have small gardens or balconies and don’t have space for sprawling design ideas. That’s why we have created a guide on how to make the most of your small garden or balcony to help you create a beautiful area without making any compromises.

Vertical Sleeper Plant Beds

When you don’t have enough space on ground level, it can be useful to make use of the vertical space you have access to. Use the vertical space you have available to you so you don’t clutter up the area and optimise the space that you have.

The best way we think to use up wall space is to use wooden sleepers to create plant beds. Not only will you be able to grow small plants and flowers in these beds, but they also double up as unique and innovative decoration features.

Installing the plant beds on the wall rather than on the ground ensures that you are not limited by space, and can grow as many flowers as you want without cluttering the area.

Raised Decking

In a similar fashion as before, we want to encourage you to make the most of the vertical space you have available. Another way to utilise that space is to install a raised decking area.

At Stone Zone, we supply both hardwood decking and composite decking that will enable you to create such a design. By creating a raised area, not only are you using up space in an effective way but you are also giving the illusion of a larger garden because of the tiered effect. 

Decorative Stones

Decorative Stones are an excellent way to add some colours and textures to your garden without it being overwhelming and taking up too much space.

There are a variety of ways that you can use decorative stones in your garden. A design idea that you can consider would be to use decorative stones to create borders around your garden, not only will this give the entire area more dimension but will enable you to add colours to your garden that will compliment your garden and its colour pallet. 

 You can also consider using these decorative stones to create small feature areas that won't take up too much space, such as small rock formations or even using them as a divider for specific areas within your garden, like the sitting area and the plants and flowers area. This will give the illusion that your garden is more spacious, but also look aesthetically pleasing.

CORE Screens & Living Walls

As we mentioned before, it is good practice to utilise vertical spaces in smaller gardens. A great way to utilise empty walls is to decorate them with our CORE Screens or Living Walls.

If you are a fan of nature and greenery but don't want the fuss of maintenance then we recommend that you hang up one of our Artificial Living Walls to adorn your empty walls. These artificial living walls are excellent as they bring a little nature wherever they're hung up, so if you have a balcony, having these up will add a touch of nature to the area.

On the other hand, if you want something a little more contemporary and modern, something that looks more like a piece of art, then consider going with one of the CORE Screens that are excellent for creating a feature area. They come in black composite, black metal and core-ten steel, so you have a variety to choose from depending on what you want your feature area to look like. One of the best features of these screens is that they are built with LED lighting and therefore create an amazing ambience to your garden during the evening. 

Feature Pathway

A unique way to make your garden extra special would be to create a pathway that doubles up as a feature area. To achieve this, you will need decorative stones and paving slabs to create a pathway that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

One garden design idea would be to fill up the forefront of your garden with decorative stones – sizes can vary as you won’t be walking on them. Then purchase some square paving slabs. We recommend you choose porcelain paving slabs as their colour retains for much longer compared to sandstone paving. Then proceed to install the slabs in a pathway fashion and then they create a pathway across your garden. This will give your garden a cottage-like, cosy feel.

One of the benefits of decorating your garden this way is that you’re not really using up too much space as it’s all on ground level, and because the pathway works as a feature area as well, you don’t have to buy other products to create a feature or focal points in your garden that would eventually take up more space.

Read through our article, specifically written for small gardens, to get some great tips and tricks to create your perfect garden!