SAiGE Composite Decking

The Stone Zone & Landscaping Centre are pleased to announce a new brand we're now stocking - the award-winning SAiGE Composite Decking! This new range of decking is a great value, budget-friendly option without compromising on quality. All ranges include the recommended number of clips/screws, making for an easy and cost effective installation. 

Established in 2010, SAiGE are proud to be one of the UK’s leading stockists of composite wood products. They offer a hard-wearing, long-lasting alternative to traditional timber decking.

Why choose SAiGE?

They are part of the Builders Merchants Federation, who require high quality and standards. 

All of SAiGE's products are made from 95% recycled materials (50% wood and 40% plastic) - making them a sustainable option.

They have an award-winning, British design and go through thorough inspection once manufactured to ensure high quality and consistency. 

Benefits of SAiGE Composite Decking:

✅ Looks Fantastic! Replicates Real Wood, with No Fixings Showing

✅ Anti-Slip and Safe in the Rain

✅ Easy to Install

✅ Mould Resistant

✅ Child & Pet Friendly - No Splinters

✅ Hard Wearing - Withstanding Heavy Footfall

✅ Low Maintenance - No Staining/Treatments Needed 

The SAiGE Promise 

Here at SAiGE, our products are our own British design. Alongside our manufacturing partners, all our products are 100% quality inspected which ensures consistency and quality throughout our whole product range. High quality, high specification and high strength are at the forefront of everything we design.

The SAiGE Range...

Contemporary Hollow Range

Hollow composite decking is ideal for residential and light commercial applications. Boasting a beautiful, natural finish and a range of colours to choose from, these boards complement any outdoor style.

These decking boards have been specifically designed with strength and durability in mind, thanks to the unique, internal honeycomb design.

Hollow composite boards offer a cost-effective solution and can be installed either groove side up or by using the wood grain finish on the reverse of the boards. The hollow boards measure 143mm x 23mm x 3.6m, and are available in grey, coffee and charcoal which match SAiGE composite fences and composite balustrades.

Contemporary Solid Range

If you’re searching for commercial, contemporary decking that can withstand heavy traffic, then solid composite decking is the right choice. 

Whilst hollow boards are favoured for most residential and some light commercial projects, solid boards are always recommended for commercial projects, steps and to edge your decking. As with the hollow boards, the solid boards have a groove finish on one side and a realistic wood grain finish on the reverse. 

SAiGE Solid boards measure 143mm x 23mm x 3.6m and are available in a choice of grey, charcoal and coffee to match the contemporary decking, composite fencing and composite balustrades.

Rustic Range

If you’re seeking a traditional style for your garden – or looking for a low-maintenance alternative to traditional timber decking for a commercial project – then rustic decking is the answer. Our rustic composite decking boards offer a traditional, authentic timber look coupled with all the advantages of composite materials – including superb anti-slip properties, mould-resistance and low maintenance.

Our rustic decking boards measure 140mm x 22mm x 3.6m, and are available in the colours rustic grey and rustic walnut, so you can seamlessly blend the material into your landscape design.

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