Rooftop Planting

In a world where populations are increasing and spaces are getting smaller – rooftop gardens/ outdoor areas are becoming more popular. Whether a humble balcony or a spacious rooftop, home-owners and employers are taking the opportunity to transform these into nature-filled paradises to escape to a peaceful environment.

Regular potting soil or ground soil isn’t suitable for rooftop gardens as it is too heavy and dense. We have therefore created our own, special blend of Leca Soil; a perfect, lightweight growing medium for plants situated on rooftops.

Leca Soil

Our Leca Soil is a lightweight, blended soil which is made up of screened sandy loam soil, cocunut husk coir, PAS 100 green compost and Leca 4-10mm.

The sandy loam soil is BS3882 compliant and is screened to 10mm. This soil provides good structure due to its blend of sand, silt and clay. The sand aids drainage while the silt and clay provide nutrients and hold moisture.

The cocunut husk coir is a natural, organic material with excellent water absorption and retention with a high success rate for germination.

PAS 100 green compost provides a slow release of nutrients while improving soil structure. It aids drainage and reduces soil compaction to ensure the soil stays lightweight.

LECA stands for Light Expanded Clay Aggregates which provide the perfect balance of moisture, food and air. The space between the small pebbles allow oxygen to get to the roots, enhancing airflow to the roots.

This soil isn’t suitable for ericaceous plants.

How to buy

This soil can be purchased in our bulk bags, there is a 2-3 working day processing time for this soil to be made. Soon you can order this in-store, over the phone or online.

For more information on this product, contact our Sales Manager, Sally, on 07917120321 or the office on 01202 874207.