New – Spectrum Porcelain Paving

That’s right – our constantly expanding range of paving is getting EVEN BIGGER! We are very proud to introduce our new Spectrum range, which consists of 8 different unique designs, each having their own colours, textures and sizes.

So what makes this range so great?

Spectrum paving has superior strength and has been manufactured to provide a safe surface for outside use. Being resistant to absorption ensures that porcelain paving requires little to no maintenance and means that spillages cannot penetrate the surface so they are easily cleaned away. There is no need to seal these over the Winter as the porcelain is stain and mildew resistant. It also offers an amazingly hard wearing, scratch resistant surface making it the perfect solution for patios, terraces, driveways and garden paths.

Burlington Range

Burlington Ivory

Burlington combines the characteristics of aged slate with the benefits of modern porcelain, with a light riven texture and four distinctive colours, Burlington provides an elegant classic look to your garden.

Key Features:

  • Available size: 600mm x 600mm x 20mm
  • Skid value: R11 non-slip compliant
  • Heavily textured with a beautiful finish
  • Consists of stunning shades of colour

Available in three size options including a patio pack which provides a more randomised and natural appearance. The range is stunning to look at due to it’s incredible textured patterns and range of colour tones. This range creates a unique garden patio and would be perfect for pool surroundings. To view the Burlington range, click here.

Optimal Range

Optimal Grey

Optimal has a distinctive but varied colour blend which creates a modern and contemporary appearance of polished concrete.

Key features:

  • Available size: 600mm x 600mm x 20mm
  • Skid value: R11 non-slip compliant
  • Smooth porcelain with finely textured finish
  • Colours consist of unique speckling

Available in four colour options and three sizes, optimal offers great design flexibility. Also available as an internal range allowing you to create that perfect inside outside look. View the full Optimal range here.

Granito Range

Granito Grigio

Granito is a modern porcelain paving with a fine textured finish, available in three stunning colours and two size options.

Key features:

  • Available size: 600mm x 600mm x 20mm
  • Skid value: R11 non-slip compliant
  • Smooth textured porcelain paving
  • Simple, contemporary colours with light speckles

Granito is the perfect choice to create a cool, sophisticated area. Due to the simplicity of the colour choices, this versatile range creates a stylish professional look and a contemporary garden patio. 

Spectre Range

Spectre Grey

Spectre replicates the characteristics of Belgian blue limestone with strength, durability and the additional benefits of porcelain. Available as an 81x40cm flag, spectre looks stunning laid individually or as combined colours

Key features:

  • Available size: 810mm x 400mm x 20mm
  • Skid value: R10 non-slip compliant
  • Smooth and lightly textured
  • Lightly speckled colours

This range is a fairly smooth porcelain with a lightly textured feel. The two grey colours are lightly speckled to create a sleek, professional and understated look. 

Pietra Range

With an authentic appearance and gentle natural texture, Pietra Serena comes in four attractive colours Cream, Anthracite, Grey and black. Available in 60x60cm format Pietra Serena makes for a versatile porcelain paving, due to it’s smaller size

Key features:

  • Available size: 600mm x 600mm x 20mm
  • Skid value: R11 non-slip compliant
  • Smooth porcelain with soft texturing
  • Stunning colours which are lightly speckled

This range can be used in public places, for professional patios and beautiful graden patios. This smooth porcelain is gently textured and consists of stunning colours. View the entire collection here.

Town Range

Town Antracite and soft grey

Town is an ultra modern, contemporary porcelain paving, available in two sizes and four colours to create and urban chic exterior. Due to it’s simple colours, this porcelain has many uses, including public use, professional use or to create a subtle-looking patio. Achieving R12 non-slip skid value, this makes this paving guaranteed for commercial use when wet.

Key features:

  • Available size: 600mm x 600mm x 20mm
  • Skid value: R12 non-slip compliant
  • Very smooth porcelain
  • Clean, smooth texture

Spectre is the smoothest porcelain within the Spectrum range, and consists of smooth, plain colours with very little texturing. 

Montego Range

Montego Desert

Montego is an elegant 80x80cm porcelain with distinctive and luxurious characteristics. This porcelain range is one of the smoothest out of the Spectrum range, with a slight textured feel. Available in four subtle colours which each have their own unique speckled pattern.

Key features:

  • Available size is 800mm x 800mm x 20mm
  • Skid value: R11 non-slip compliant
  • Smooth porcelain
  • Lightly textured and speckled

Montego is sure to create a statement wherever placed, but is most popular for use in public places, due to it’s very large size. View Montego Desert here and Montego Dust here.

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