New Name Alert - Stone Zone & Landscaping Supplies

With the new year comes new beginnings, and in that spirit, we are incredibly thrilled to announce our brand-new name. Going forward, we will now be called Stone Zone & Landscaping Supplies. There are a few reasons why we changed our name from ‘Centre’ to ‘Supplies’ and we wanted to explain them to you in detail so we are all on the same page.

As you may be aware, we have been ‘Stone Zone & Landscaping Centre’ for many years and as we have been rapidly growing these past few years, and because of this we felt as if we have outgrown our previous name.

Firstly, the most critical reason we changed our name is to highlight the fact that we provide nationwide delivery. Our Nationwide delivery service was first implemented at the start of 2022 allowing us to branch out and target customers all over the country. This in turn has enabled us to expand our customer base and supply our products to Trade and General Public Customers all over the country.

A further reason why we changed our name is that we wanted to make it clear to our customers that we are a supplier as opposed to a retailer. This is an important distinction because we get many of our products directly from the manufacturers and are therefore ensuring the products are of the highest quality and offering a competitive price to our customers. The main products that we get directly from suppliers are our paving slabs, decking, soil, decorative stones and building aggregates. All of these products are some of our best-selling, popular products which only goes to show that we are providing the best materials out there.

It is important to us that our customers across the country have access to our depots and products and that is why we are making future plans to expand around the country and have more depots where old and new customers can look at our products before purchasing them. We thought it was important to change our logo before such a plan take root just to make it even more obvious that we are suppliers of landscaping goods to both Trade customers and to the General Public who may have not heard of us before.

You will have also noticed that the subheadings underneath our logo that stated ‘For Collection’ and ‘For Delivery’ have also been removed. We have made these changes for a couple of reasons. The first being that we wanted to create a more streamlined and sleeker logo that would be appealing to look at, and the second being that, within our website, our depots and over the phone, we make a point to remind our customers that we provide a collection and delivery service and believe that it is now common knowledge without out having to state it within our logo.

Although we are changing our name, we wanted to reassure our customers that our 5-star customer service and top-quality products will not change. We look forward to seeing everyone this coming year when we will be boasting an even bigger range of products.

New name but the same superb service!