Medallion® Lawn Seeding - All You Need to Know

What time of year do you think is best for sowing grass seed? If you guessed Autumn, then you're right! Most people assume the Spring is the best time of year due to the soil starting to warm, which is great for most plants and produce, but not so great for lawn seed. It's best to sow seeds late Summer/early Autumn, so September marks the best month for this.

Why September?

  • The soil is warm from the Summer months
  • The soil is also wet from the rain
  • There is less competition from weeds 

Why not Spring or Summer? Spring weather is usually very dry, so extra care will be needed when seeding to ensure the ground is wet. Summer is usually the worst time of year due to the heat and dry weather.

Lawn seed loves moisture to grow, so if the ground is drier than usual in September, make sure you water well after sowing, and keep well watered until fully established. 

Recommended Lawn Seed

We recommend Rolawn Medallion Premium Lawn Seed for a professional grade grass that has the best chances of establishing and growing quickly. This is also the same seed used to produce Rolawn's award winning Medallion® Turf!

Why use Medallion Lawn Seed?

  • The seed mix is a high quality ryegrass/fescue blend
  • Selected by advanced cultivars for rapid lawn establishment
  • Highly durable; drought & shade tolerant
  • Excellent colour year round 

From £18.79 per box - click here to view online.

Successfully Sowing Seeds

Our Lawn Seed will provide instructions on the box on how to sow and then how to care for your turf, but here are the best tips...

Going lengthways, sow half the seeds over the desired areas, and do exactly the same with the rest of the lawn seed mix, going widthways. 

Rake the entire area of soil afterwards to ensure even distribution throughout. 

Once the seed is sown, water the soil well until moist and continue to do so until the grass is established.

Lawn Seeding Aftercare

Observing your lawn each day to see it grow is the best part of the process! But make sure it's just watching and not walking... it's best to leave the ground as undisturbed as possible.

You can expect the seeds to take 2-3 weeks to germinate, this will happen quicker depending on how warm your soil is. 

Once your grass has reached around 700mm, use a lawn mower with sharp blades to cut off a third of the grass to encourage further growth and thicken the grass. 

Try and pull any weeds out by hand in the first six months and avoid using weed products. 

And then you can sit back and enjoy your beautiful lawn and look forward to the Spring and Summer months! 



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