Jurassic Porcelain Paving Range

Jurassic Porcelain Paving Range

At Stone Zone, we take immense pride in continuously enhancing and expanding our top-selling Porcelain Paving collection. We're thrilled to introduce the dazzling new Jurassic Porcelain Paving range to our portfolio. Much like our other Porcelain Paving offerings, the Jurassic series boasts durability, longevity, and an R11 skid rating, making them suitable for both commercial and residential settings.

The Jurassic Porcelain Paving collection features five innovative designs inspired by the hues and textures of natural stone paving. Within this collection, you'll find Jurassic Crema, Jurassic Scuro, Jurassic Grigio, Jurassic Azure, and Jurassic Quartzite. This diverse range includes beige, grey, and black paving slabs.

As the name implies, this collection draws heavy inspiration from the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, with the garden slabs emulating the appearance of sedimentary stones like Sandstone and metamorphic stones such as marble. Upon closer examination, you'll notice that these paving slabs exhibit markings and colour variations, resulting in a harmonious blend of contemporary aesthetics and natural charm.

We take utmost care in sourcing and supplying the highest-quality Porcelain Paving slabs. These porcelain patio slabs are meticulously crafted by blending Quartz, pure Clay, and other natural minerals, then subjecting them to temperatures of 1400 degrees Celsius. All of this ensures the tiles' durability and longevity.

Key Features:

R11 Non-Skid Rating (ideal for pool surroundings)

Antifungal Properties

Vitrified for Consistency and Strength

Frost Resistant

Jurassic Paving Collection

Jurassic Quartzite 

The Jurassic Quartzite comprises elegant silver-grey Porcelain Paving slabs that beautifully capture the sun's radiance during the day and gleam when wet. These grey garden slabs offer garden enthusiasts a fantastic opportunity to craft a contemporary and sophisticated garden, ideal for entertaining. Grey paving slabs stand out as one of our most sought-after garden elements. The soft grey hue of Jurassic Quartzite effortlessly harmonizes with various garden elements such as sleepers, rockery features, lush turf, artificial grass, cobble setts, and more. This versatility ensures that you can design a personalized garden tailored to your specific needs.

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Jurassic Azure

The Jurassic Azure Porcelain Paving can be described as "Blue Paving" since these primarily grey paving slabs feature a delightful and distinctive blue undertone, making them a truly distinctive choice for your garden. Grey is a frequently requested colour for patio paving stones, owing to its neutral and contemporary appeal that complements both modern homes and gardens.

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Jurassic Crema Porcelain Paving

Jurassic Crema presents a selection of opulent creamy-beige Porcelain paving slabs that exude even more radiance when moistened. Opting for beige garden slabs is an excellent choice for garden enthusiasts and homeowners who appreciate lighter tones, creating a family-friendly garden ambience. Beige stands out as one of our top-selling colours in garden paving, thanks to its compatibility with a range of other garden elements like sleepers, rockery features, lush turf, artificial grass, cobble setts, and more. This diverse selection ensures your ability to craft a garden tailored precisely to your preferences.

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Jurassic Grigio Porcelain Paving Slabs

Jurassic Grigio represents one of the sophisticated paving designs within the Jurassic collection. These porcelain garden slabs are the ideal selection for a modern residence, offering charm both in the daylight and under the evening stars. Furthermore, like many other paving slabs, these slabs' colours will blossom and intensify, adding depth to your garden patio. These mid-grey paving slabs are the optimal choice for crafting a contemporary outdoor entertainment area. The modern grey shade of Jurassic Grigio harmonizes seamlessly with a wide array of garden features, encompassing sleepers, rockery elements, lush turf, artificial grass, cobble setts, and beyond. This adaptability ensures your ability to shape a truly unique garden tailored to your preferences.

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Jurassic Scuro Porcelain Paving

Jurassic Scuro comprises a collection of stunning dark grey paving slabs that transform nearly into a deep jet black when moistened. Opting for dark grey patio slabs is an excellent preference for garden enthusiasts who appreciate the polished aesthetics of a sleek and professional-looking garden. Grey enjoys popularity as a colour choice for garden furniture and for enhancing areas like fencing and decking, making these dark grey porcelain tiles an excellent addition to your garden patio.

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What is the Difference Between Sandstone and Porcelain Paving?

When deciding between Sandstone, Limestone, and Porcelain Paving, it's essential to consider specific features and criteria that align with your garden and lifestyle.

Porcelain Paving is a man-made product meticulously crafted in factories, allowing developers full control over patterns and designs. Our Porcelain paving slabs, composed of sought-after minerals like pure Clay and Quartz, result in sturdy and aesthetically pleasing garden features. During production, each slab undergoes intense heat treatment at 1400 degrees Celsius and substantial pressure, ensuring strength and resilience, even against heavy foot traffic.

Conversely, Sandstone and Limestone Paving slabs are naturally occurring stones formed over millions of years in stone quarries. These stones are extracted in sizable blocks and then cut to size. Natural Indian Stones create authentic and rustic garden patios with unique, naturally occurring patterns that can never be replicated, making them an excellent choice for older properties or gardens seeking an antique look.

In terms of strength and longevity, Sandstone falls slightly short of Porcelain Paving. Due to their natural origin and being cut from larger stone pieces, they are more brittle and prone to cracking during installation. Additionally, natural stone slabs are not UV stable and may discolour over time.

Lastly, it's crucial to note a significant difference in maintenance between these two paving materials. Porcelain Paving requires priming during installation but does not need sealing. To maintain its longevity, regular sweeping and semi-annual jet washing is sufficient. In contrast, Sandstone and Limestone require regular sealing to preserve the vibrancy of the paving slabs but keep in mind that their colour may lighten over the years, even with regular sealing.

Why Choose Porcelain Paving?

Many contemporary homeowners and gardening enthusiasts prefer Porcelain garden slabs due to the extensive range of consistent colours and designs available. This allows you to exercise precise control over the aesthetics of your garden—a level of freedom and variety not achievable with natural Indian stone. Indian Sandstone slabs, on the other hand, offer fewer options in terms of colours, and their natural variations mean you are guaranteed a completely unique design but with limited control. Your choice between a more modern garden (Porcelain) or a rustic one (Sandstone) should align with your vision.

One of the significant advantages of factory-made garden paving slabs lies in the rigorous control exercised during production. This results in slabs engineered for durability, longevity, and qualities that help maintain their structure and colour over the years.

Throughout the development process of these porcelain slabs, strict protocols are followed to ensure their durability and strength. Each slab undergoes intense heating to 1400 degrees Celsius and is subjected to substantial pressure. The slabs are vitrified and rectified, all designed to ensure they remain pristine for decades after installation, regardless of weather conditions or foot traffic.

As mentioned earlier, the designs are printed onto the patio slabs, ensuring uniformity among them. This enables you to create a seamless, harmonious appearance in your garden without anything appearing out of place. This level of consistency is not achievable with natural Indian Sandstone, where colours and shades may vary, leading to inconsistencies throughout your patio.