How to Throw the Best Street Party for the Platinum Jubilee!

Hosting a garden party to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee? Or maybe you're attending a Street Party with your neighbours? We have the best tips for hosting a party fit for Royalty! 

1. Bring out the Best BBQ Food

The sun is set to be shining this Bank Holiday, which means one thing for Brits that are having a gathering... bringing out the BBQ!

Cooking food on the BBQ is the hassle-free and enjoyable way of ensuring there is plenty of food to go around. Try and source as many tables as possible to ensure there are plenty of surfaces for your food spread. Biodegradable paper plates are also a must - bonus points for union jack plates!! 

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2. Get Your Garden Blooming

If you're hosting a garden party, impress your guests with bright blooms of flowers! Visit your local Garden Centre for beautiful, seasonal flowers that will make your garden colourful and inviting for your guests. Bonus points for red, blue and white flowers!!

Need last minute topsoil? For the best quality soil, we recommend using our Wessex BS3882 Certified Topsoil. This best-selling, British Standard Soil is locally sourced and high in nutrients; containing PAS 100 green compost. This 10mm Soil is the perfect medium for flowers and shrubs.

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3. Garden/Driveway Decor

If the front of your house is lacking character, why not add some Decorative Stone to your driveway or as a front garden border? Hosting a Garden/Street Party is the perfect time to start looking at your house entrance to work out how to best dress it.

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A quick and simple way to add character to your garden is adding an Artificial Living Wall to a blank wall or fence! Don't fancy the up-keep of planting real flowers? Opt for our ever-green Foliage Walls for natural colour all-year-round!

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Lastly, if you're looking for a tranquil way to spend the evening, why not add a Water Feature to your garden? As well as the sounds of the flowing water creating a calming and peaceful atmosphere, some of our Water Features even light up at night! This ambience will be perfect for those wanting to wind down after a busy day hosting a garden party.

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4. Create an Atmospheric Evening Ambience

Solar Lights are becoming very popular for those who want to enjoy their garden in the cool of the evening, while enjoying some atmospheric lighting. 

Impress your party guests with mood lighting which you can control with your Alexa Smart Speaker! Our CORE Screens have the option of back lighting, which really enhances the Screen design, as well as boasting a beautiful selection of colours!

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Keep the party going in the evening by sitting your guests around a Firepit! Perfect to warm yourself in the cool, evening air, these Firepits can be used to toast marshmallows and are great fun for the kids too! 

5. Throw a Dress Up Competition!

With the Queen's Platinum Jubilee being a once-in-a-lifetime event, you can't attend or host a party without having a dress up competition! Invite your friends and family to dress up as members of the royal family as a bit of fun and to really mark this special occasion - don't forget to take lots of photos!     

We hope you all enjoy the Queen's Platinum Jubilee with your loved ones! Click Here to view a very royal message from yours truly!