HD Clad Pro

When it comes to creating a new landscape in your outdoor space, people are starting to look further than just what’s on the ground, they are wanting an attractive feature to compliment their landscape on their surrounding walls too. Whether it’s the walls on your house, Summer house or even your garage, Composite Prime have come up with a contemporary and environmentally friendly solution – HD Clad Pro.

What is HD Clad Pro?

HD Clad Pro is walling designed for any application, and made from a combination of FSC 100% Certified wood flour and recycled plastic. Just like their Composite Decking, they have factored in the environment and eco system as well.

This walling will have the look and feel of wooden cladding and is suitable for a variety of projects including private residential, multi-occupancy buildings such as hotels and student accommodation, educational environments, new build developments and refurbishments & renovations, in line with Building Regulations.


25 year warranty

Like our HD Dual Decking range, this product is guaranteed for 25 years from the day you purchase it.

Low Maintenance

There’s no need to treat this with anything due to its durability and stain resistance. You also won’t need to paint it as it is UV stable and should hold its colour.

Easy to install

Installation is the same as the Composite Decking, the boards easily slot together with the clips and fixings.

How to buy

These are available to purchase in-store and online and can be bought as single boards. Each board measures 3.6m x 136mm x 22mm so make sure you measure the desired area first.

How to install

Installation is simple and easy due to their clips and fixings systems which can’t be seen on the outside when they are fitted. We sell all the clips and fixings you’d need to install this, the quantity will vary depending how many boards you’re fitting. You can view their installation guide here.


HD Clad Pro, Slate

This colour ties in well with the popular grey colours that are on trend in 2020.

HD Clad Pro, Cedar Brown

This warm brown colour creates an inviting feel outside the home and looks just like natural wood.

HD Clad Pro, Cedar Grey

This cool, ash-brown colour makes so an understated outdoor area and is very versatile for domestic or public areas.

HD Clad Pro, Carbon

This jett black walling is perfect for the professional feel, or would look stunning indoors in a stylish bar

To find out more about the range or to order online click here