Grab Away - for large waste loads

This crazy and unprecedented time has seen us enjoying more of the things in and around our home, one of those being our garden. Whether you’ve had a clear out of your garden or are digging away a large mound of soil, our grab away lorries are here to help. From 5 tonne to 15 tonne capacity, we can clear your waste quickly and easily while also combining delivery.

What do we grab away?

Inert Waste

Examples of this is waste which is neither chemically nor biologically reactive and will not decompose or only very slowly. Examples of this are soil, aggregates, tarmac and concrete.

Green Waste

Also known as “biological waste,” this is any organic waste that can be composted. This includes grass clippings, mulch and leaves but does not include straw, hay or dried up leaves.

Clay & Chalk

This is classed as non-recyclable waste and can incur a charge even if it is present in soil. If you want to dispose of either of these materials, please call the office on 01202 874207.

We can dispose of 90% of waste, other materials include wood, metal, plastic and house hold waste. If there is any waste that isn’t mentioned on the above list, call us to see how we can help.

"Today the service I received was quite astounding. A big shout out to paul miller and his Stone zone company especially the grab truck driver who left the site absolutely spotless and even swept up ! going well above what I expected. Thank you."

– Wimborne Construction

How does it work?

Once you have established a pile of waste that you want disposing of, make a note of all the materials that are present within this waste. It is best to keep different materials separate if you can, for example, non-recyclable materials and biodegradable materials would need to be separate.

Work out roughly the amount of waste you want disposing of. Our lorries vary from 5 tonne to 15 tonne capacity, so this should cover most large landscape projects.

Once you’ve worked out the amount, book the relevant size grab hire lorry on our website: or call 01202 874207 for advice or to book over the phone. It’s usually best to phone us to discuss access and materials.

Ensure the pile of waste is in the centre of your front or back garden as opposed to against a fence or wall, to avoid any damage. If you’d like us to carry out the grab away on your drive, you’ll need to sign a disclaimer form to consider any drains.

If you require a 15 tonne muck away, this lorry will need a maximum reach of 4m, so consider any over-head cables or trees that could cause obstruction.

Once your Muck Away is booked in, we will give you a date and rough time as to when this will take place. You don’t need to be there for us to dispose of your waste, as long as you have taken the above into consideration.

Our driver ‘Nipper’ carrying out a muck away

Our drivers are expertly trained and regularly receive good feedback, giving you peace of mind that your waste will be taken care of carefully and responsibly.

Over 80% of waste is recycled, with green waste being composted to create high quality, nutrient-rich compost for our customers to purchase at a later date.


Our Grab Away Service is at least 40% cheaper than a skip! It also means there’s no need for an unattractive bin to sit outside your house!