Create a Winter Garden

Create a Winter Garden

With the weather rapidly cooling down, we understand why’d you want to avoid the harsh winds and cold temperatures, however that does not mean we should neglect our gardens until the next Spring. To make sure you have a blossoming and bright garden all through winter, we have collated a list of ways you can make sure your garden stays fresh through to Spring 2023.

Choose flowers and plants that are bright in colour and also fragrant.

Spring isn’t the only time flowers will bloom in your garden. We have some recommendations that you can plant in your garden that thrive in the cold weather. Not only will it they your garden look more colourful, but it will also exude a lovely fragrance, creating a welcoming aura within your garden.

Some flowers that you can plant that will bloom during the cold are Winter Honeysuckles which flower from December to February; Pansies which flower from December to March and Mahonias which flowers from November to March. These are only 3 examples of flowers that you can plant that look their best during the Winter months, but there are many to choose from. We think bright flowers are important during the winter as they provide some essential pops of colour during drab weather.

There are also plants that you can plants species that are both visually and olfactorily pleasing, making sure that your garden is constantly fragrant and attractive to birds and wildlife. We think nice-smelling plants are an essential part of cultivating a Winter Garden because it defuses that damp smell you often get with rain and snow. Some great options you can choose from are Witch Hazels, Wintersweets and Sweet boxes are easy to find and great choices to keep your garden smelling lovely. These flowers will allow you to create a welcoming environment within your garden that is ideal for gatherings and parties.

Evergreen Garden Furniture:

When designing your garden, choose paving and furniture that will look evergreen all year round. Try not to choose a colour scheme that is leaning too far towards the summer or too far towards winter. We suggest choosing neutral colours that will go with suit brightly coloured plants and flowers during the spring and summer and the more orange and brown tones of autumn and winter.

If you want a garden that is bright, light, and reflective, we’d recommend paving that is a white, grey, or light beige that will constantly ensure that your garden feels illuminating. Since none of the mentioned colours is overtly bright or overbearing, they are perfect for all kinds of décor and furniture because they will suit any colour pallet.

On the other side of the spectrum, if you wish to have darker colours that add more drama to your surroundings, we think charcoal, black or dark grey shades of paving create a contemporary and chic look, that has recently become a popular design choice. As with the lighter paving slabs, black and dark grey also goes well with all kinds of décor and colour choices therefore you need not be concerned about the garden looking cohesive.


Firepits are a multi-functional garden feature that works as a heating element as well as a lighting and decoration feature. We understand why you’d want to avoid being outdoors when it’s cold and windy, however, if you get your hands on one of our firepits you will be able to keep warm and enjoy your garden throughout winter. Firepits will enable you to create a centrepiece within your garden that you can gather around throughout the year, especially during the colder months. It will create a focal point by which you can gather around, make s’mores and have garden parties regularly.

Garden lighting:

One of the biggest reasons we don’t spend enough time in our garden during winter is how quickly the sun sets. We understand that it’s not always easy to have a good time in the cold and dark, and that’s why we want to recommend some alternatives that will light up your garden to make it more welcoming during the cold season.

The best way we have found to add some illumination to your garden is our CORE Screens with LED Lighting. These screens add more pizzazz and décor to your surroundings, and the light it emanates creates a chic and calming atmosphere, perfect for small late-night gatherings. The Screens are a versatile way to decorate your garden as they can be hung up on your garden walls or fences but can also be displayed on a stand, and therefore you will be able.