CORE Path, Drive & Commercial Grids

Who are CORE?

CORE Landscape Products design, manufacture and supply high quality, eco-friendly products that are built to last while requiring minimal maintenance.

They are proud to say their products are manufactured in strict accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. These standards are implemented from raw material acquisition to delivery of the finished article.

Each and every product is specifically designed to provide a long-term solution and minimise the impact of construction on the environment.

Where possible, they source recycled materials to engineer their products reducing their carbon footprint.

The Stone Zone & Landscaping Centre are now proud stockists of their innovative products; supplying their CORE Edge, CORE Path, CORE Drive and CORE Commercial range.

CORE Grids

CORE also provide the answer to creating safe, gravel paths, driveways and access roads. Their grids have been thoughtfully created for different applications; offering three different ranges for domestic, everyday use to commercial, heavy traffic areas.


CORE Path gravel stabiliser grid makes gravel suitable for wheelie bins, wheel barrows, pedestrians, bicycles and much, much more. It is very easy to install and is perfect for patios and garden paths.

This gravel path stabilisation grid comes in two sizes. We sell the handy pack which is suited to gravel sizes of 3mm-14mm. The depth of the honeycomb is just 18mm which means your gravel consumption is reduced by over 50%. We work on the calculation that 1 tonne of aggregate would cover approx. 35m2.

The honeycomb structure is made from high quality polypropylene (Grey – Recycled and White – Virgin) material and has a geotextile membrane firmly attached to the underside to prevent weed growth.

CORE PATH Handy Pack contains 6 smaller sheets and is perfect for creating garden paths, at an average pathway width of 800mm, the pack will surface a 1.72m long pathway. The grid is only 18mm deep which means you greatly reduce your gravel consumption. you will only need 2 x 20kg bags to fill one handy pack. The pack will cover a total area of 1.38m2.

CORE Drive

CORE Drive is the UK’s best-selling grid, produced to be practically invisible once filled with gravel. These stabilising cellular grids create a naturally porous base into which gravel sits and can be laid over existing driveway surfaces.

It can be used on slopes of up to a 1in10 (10% gradient) and will accommodate any aggregate up to 20mm in diameter.

Small sheet | 1200x800mm

CORE Commercial

CORE Commercial grids have been specifically developed to withstand heavy commercial traffic. This is the ideal gravel stabilisation system for car parks, access roads and caravan parks. The perforated HDPE base means you can achieve maximum strength and stability without affecting the porosity of the surface.

Whether you are looking to create a fully SuDS compliant build up or simply a low cost, free draining area capable of withstanding heavy traffic movement. CORE Commercial grid is the perfect low cost, wearing course.

CORE COMMERCIAL BLACK has been specifically designed to stabilise gravel in commercial parking areas, a cost effective way of creating large porous surfaces that can withstand high traffic loads. The black version is made from 100% recycled HDPE

Sheet size | 1139 x 570mm


CORE provide easy-to-follow installation guides with the product you choose. You can also find helpful installation videos within our website. Watch the below video to see just how easy it is to instal CORE Path in your garden.

You can purchase any of our CORE Landscaping products by clicking here. You can also purchase these in-store at our depots.