Composite Prime Decking vs. Wooden Decking

Now we’re fully in the swing of the Autumnal months and the colder Winter weather is looming, the thought of kneeling down to do some gardening isn’t something we think about too much. However, it’s nice to have an area where you can just sit and watch nature do it’s thing during these colder, crisper days.

Being able to walk out onto a deck is a great feeling if you still want to feed the birds and get some fresh air, without worrying about getting your shoes muddy. If you’re considering decking, but aren’t sure which type is right for you, you’ve come to the right place!

If you’ve ever had wooden decking in your garden, you’ll know that it’s almost impossible to step out onto during Autumn and Winter, because of the slippery surface and the thick moss that awaits you, and then you’ll know the frustration of cleaning it all off in the Spring when the weather starts to warm up.

If you have been considering adding a deck to your garden, this article outlines the differences between traditional, wooden, timber decking and the up-and-coming Composite decking we sell.

Timber Decking

Low Quality

Timber decking can be one of the cheapest options when shopping around, and certainly meets the budget-friendly criteria. However, you get what you pay for. The quality of timber decking is fairly low when it comes to longevity of life and is prone to warping, cracking and splintering. The approximate life expectancy of timber decking is up to 10 years, and that’s if you follow the long check-list of maintenance that needs carrying out.

High Maintenance

Although low in price, the up-keep of maintaining a timber deck is usually what costs the most and requires a lot of time and effort. Painting and staining is usually required once every year to keep the colour and finish looking sharp, making this wooden decking option high maintenance and expensive to obtain.

If you think the painting and staining is hard work and harsh on your wallet, looking after this type of decking in the Autumn and Winter also requires more maintenance and time. As the colder weather sets in, moss, mould and algae will begin to build up on this wooden decking, causing it to go a green colour and become very slippery. To clean this off, you need to buy a very strong decking cleaner, and thoroughly work it through the wood to prevent and protect it. The cleaning process can be very time consuming, and if you miss one Winter, some boards may become damaged and will need replacing.

Safety Issues

As timber is wooden, it will inevitably be prone to splintering. If you have children or even pets that are crawling or walking across the deck, this can cause concern at the thought of a splinter coming into contact with either of the two. Even adults walking across the boards will need to ensure they are always wearing shoes and are very careful when carrying out the maintenance of the deck. There is then the slippery factor when the deck is wet, the porous wood will hold in some moisture and make it dangerous to walk on.

Environmental Factors

Although timber is considered a renewable material, it still involves cutting down trees to produce. There are environmentally-conscious timber decks available, but will take some time to research into.

Composite Prime Decking

Very High Quality

Due to it’s incredible durability, this will not splinter, warp or bend like traditional timber decking. It is also naturally resistant to mould and fungus, which is the number one cause of rot and decay in timber decking. You will have peace of mind knowing your deck won’t begin to rot within years of laying it. The Dual range is quality-assured, coming with a 25 year guarantee!

Little to No Maintenance

Even after years of installing, Composite HD decking doesn’t require any staining, painting or treating. It is also stain resistant to even the toughest stains such as red wine, so while you’re hosting a dinner party or relaxing on a warm Summer’s evening, you can enjoy your meal and drinks without the fear of spilling something!

Child and Pet friendly

HD Deck is not only nice and comfortable to walk on, but due to it’s splinter-free properties, you have peace of mind knowing you can walk across the deck barefoot in the Summer and leave the pets and the kids to play safley. All of the Composite deck boards are slip-resistant, making it great for commercial or residential use. The Dual range comes with a R10 skid value and the XS range has a R11 skid value, assuring you that it will not become dangerous in typical British weather.

Environmentally Friendly

Composite decking is produced using FSC approved wood flour and recycled plastic. This means it is more sustainable and eco-friendly as the wood flour is from responsible resources. Addressing today’s plastic crisis, there is an astonishing equivalent of 3000 recycled plastic bottle caps and 280 plastic milk bottles in each square metre of decking! This assures you that these milk bottles and caps won’t end up in the ocean or landfill and gives you peace of mind that no trees have suffered because of your deck.

Easy to Install

Cleverly thought through, Composite decking is put together with a simple clip system. You may still need a professional landscaper to build this for you, but as long as you have a tape measure and someone helping, you may be able to do this yourself. For more on how to fit this decking, click here to view the fitting guides.

Our verdict…

To conclude, with Composite Prime Decking, there is never a need to worry about moss, mould, rotting or staining. It offers peace of mind whether it comes down to the cold, wet weather or just simply eating or drinking outside. With the safety features, it’s reassuring knowing your young ones and pets will be able to play safely without slipping or getting splinters. You’ve also got confidence in buying this decking, knowing the Dual range is guaranteed for 25 years and that installing it will be easy and a one-off.

Composite Decking wins it for us, especially now we’re getting into the Autumn/ Winter months, now might be the best time to weigh up which decking is the right choice for you. You can view our range and more information here.

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